New version of PDP Marvel pad for 360 and PS3 (and Wii too!)

Hey guys, I saw a new version of the pad at GameStop today. It no longer has the hideous Marvel art on it, it is now a classy black face with a gray back. It’s also retitled to the Versus pad. It actually feels pretty good, just like a hybrid stick pad type of thing. If I wasn’t planning on building a new stick, I’d probably get it, IF it worked on the PS3. It’s also a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I quite liked it. Too bad I didn’t have a game to try it on since it was in the box :frowning:

You can see it here

Anyway, it makes me wonder, what a Saturn pad modded with tact switches would feel like. The Saturn pad already uses tact switches for the shoulder buttons, I wonder what a D-Pad and face button tact switch mod would feel like.

Were there ever any reviews of this pad?

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Sadly, it’s useless for modders since for some reason, despite being common ground, you can’t use it for padhacking.

I was at my Gamestop yesterday and they had a PS3 version with the black finish. They also had the original ugly art 360 version.

There’s now a PS3 version? I though that this was X360 exclusive (it certainly isn’t listed on their website).

If you can get pics of it I’d love to see it. Even though I’m not a pad player, I feel tempted to pick one up for some reason.

I’m pretty sure now, after going through PDP’s site that the black finish version is still the 360 version.

Gamestop has it listed on their website but there is no pic. There is a reviewer on youtube that has it for ps3 though: Gotta wait a bit for him to show the pad…

Yeah, actually that looks pretty nice. I like how it has a real PS Home button and not a generic looking one. I guess the original Marvel pad did good enough for them to bring it to PS3. They did say they would if the original did well enough. I’m glad! It felt like a really great pad to play on. The only thing I think would cause any trouble is double tap dash forward/backward type of moves. Tempted to pick one up.

Real PS home button indicates that it’s a Sony licensed product (same reason why the Chun Li TE-S has the PS button and the older ones don’t).

The video linked above shows the giant officially licensed sticker on it.

Can’t view youtube videos at work.

I miss having a job that allowed me access to surf the internet, outside of the break room. :frowning:

A Gamestop exclusive?
Let’s hope not…

Amazon has them for sale.

Kinda interesting that PDP decided to go with the original Xbox 360 White/Gray look considering that Microsoft’s now touting glossy black and chrome. I personally like it!

PS3 version does not look bad but for some reason the Xbox 360 version looks cheap as hell.
The Xbox 360 version screams “were and still are a a 3rd rate manufacture of 3rd party gaming accessories”.
PDP was formerly known as Pelican .

Yeah but they seem to be taking a hint from MadCatz and getting their shit together. That can only be good for competition. I also can’t wait to see what Razor brings to the stick table.

So, still good reviews of these things yet?

I have the original Marvel 3 PDP pad for the 360. It works fine for UMK3. The abundance of microswitches makes it noisier than a joystick but so far I have had no problems with it.