New version TE sticks from Madcatz

Was browsing through play-asia and stumbled upon this

Shock and Awe :slight_smile:

Looks great in that colour… is there a PS3 version?

Oh yes ->

Not worth getting if you already have the Sf4 version. Unless you got cash to spend in this economic climate :smokin:

So it’s the TE stick except not Street Fighter/Capcom licensed.

I actually prefer the SF4 licensed version’s look way better.

Looks like my one :slight_smile:

Pretty Cool

It seems the 150$ TE stick will be Mad Catz’ great revival of the last 2 years. Talk about growth, anyone see the awesomeness that happened to their stock…:blush:

Im a fan tho, love the TE and SE. use them both for SF4.

/em hands over more cash for gaming.

Thank you for showing sidy.

And fighting Pads

They’ll also be releasing special Marvel vs Capcom 2 TE sticks with MvsC2 motifs. No pics because they’re not ready yet. But according to my local game retailer, they will appear in september.

Sticks and pads then?

Looks like they are going to cash in on the good quality stuff they produced for SFIV.

Not that I am complaining - they are all rather good.

Looks like it’s Madcatz Vs Hori from now on. Hori pretty much had the monopoly on the joystick market. Can Madcatz take on the joystick masters Hori? :smokin: I say Hori has the upper hand at the moment, unless Madcatz starts bringing out the SE edition sticks

Competetion is a beautiful thing!

I thought the talk of that has been dismissed.
Here what Seth Killian said:

Here for whole Thread:

So is your news different and new bytex?

more madcatzs man -> (i’m liking it!) more fighter stuff man! -> more people can play -> more competition!! :karate:


lol yeah man!!

jdm714 is right, the MvC2 TE stick rumor was debunked a while ago. Your local retailer is likely misinformed.

Awww and here I thought he was saving up for a new shiny Trike


my extra NIB SF IV TE will go up in value then once the current stock runs out.


humm… keep it sealed or say fuck it and have my friends at it when they come over… humm… :sweat:

That madcatz logo needs to go >_<