New VF player.

Hey everyone, im new to the VF series. I just got VF5 on Xbox 360 today. Im really liking it. If anyone wants to match me or give me some beginner tips I would really appreciated it. Hows the online lag? I havent gone online yet and dont plan to till I have a solid understanding of the foundation of the fighting engine. So far Im having lots of fun with it.:lovin:

I’ve been playing since this came out on the 360, and generally, lag will be non-existant, especially in player matches (Don’t know why that is). It’s fantastic, and yeah, go through quest mode and learn how to figure out your dude, that’s what I did. And once you fight people online, you’ll figure out what to use and when. Watching some videos on YouTube or some such couldn’t hurt either, but only once you know exactly what’s going on, and the basics, etc.


It’s tough to start with VF5 because it doesn’t have anything that teaches you how to play, whereas VF4 and VF4:Evo (both PS2) had AMAZING tutorial modes to teach you everything in a relatively short amount of time.

If you’re serious about learning VF, it may be worth tracking down VF4:Evo (should be like $15 at the most) for the tutorial mode.

nice to see a new player, if you want a few practice matches im down


am i to late? =/

VF threads are dead here :shake:

go to

VF is like, infinite in options to learn. But do what the guy above just said and you’ll find much more info.

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Yeah i just got this game for 360. i just started playing this even though i had it for like 4 months on ps3 before i sold it. Ill add most of you guys who posted in this thread though. GT: Md Wk

Just rented this and will buy it once I have some cash.

Oh good games to MadWak.

I’m new too. I can’t really start until after the bar, but if anyone wants to teach me the game and play in spurts here and there until then, PM me or something. Add me on LIVE too. I’m not on much and have been playing mostly GTA IV, but I DO have VF5.

I also got DOA 4 and wanted to try that out. I messed around with it a bit but I’m just not too sure about the game. Hayate does seem to be quite a bit better than everyone else, but what do I know.

Ill add you man. I really cant teach much since im pretty new myself but Im always lookin for some good games.

GGs to reckless