New Vid: coming soon



Gonna have another combo video coming soon (hopefully before the end of the weekend) for your viewing pleasure…

I’ll have stuff in there in conjunction with assists too… from ppl like…

Psy (maybe)

soo… WATCH OUT!!!



looking forward to it


Sorry it’s not finished yet, but I have prolly 70-80% captured so far… hopefully sometime this week I’ll get it up and runnin’.

I also am waiting on a friend to bring a DC control so I can show a couple things… hit or block (works on both)… Sim is TOO GOOD



Sorry for the delay, my comp’s power supply died (I’m at school right now), so I need to get that replaced before I can finish editing the vid and get it up online… I think you’ll like the vid though… got one midscreen combo I love, super into relaunch and extended, it’s rollable, but hey, it’s still aight IMO.

Got lotsa lotsa good stuff on the vid… gonna try and get my power supply replaced, and the vid will be finished and up soon after.



Wow, sorry everyone that it’s been taking so long… couldn’t find the right powersupply for ages, and now I’m just getting a new computer, but I’ll be swapping my old harddrive into it so all that I’ll have left is a little editing for the video.

I should have the video up somewhere within a week at the least. Sorry, everyone, that it has taken so long, but I really promise that you won’t be dissappointed… it’s really a good production.

I would try to use some of the ish you’ll see more often in tournaments… too bad team scrub = free win against Dhalsim. :frowning:



New comp is up and running… footage is on a tape, but the captured vid was lost… so I just have to playback, recap, and re-edit the vid…

should be up before the weekend. (and yay, NWR is this weekend! hopefully I can win a match [if I’m lucky])



what a nasty thread… all the posts are mine.

well, i finished the vid… it’s going up in a new thread. I elminated some things (like combo with strider assist) saved some stuff for later (option select in general, and offa cable assist), etc…



Well, I think that is because you are taking too long with the video. Other wise people would be posting about what they think of it.