New Video Downloads

Sup, I was finally able to get some matches recorded and uploaded ;D It just HAPPENED to be that the day I recorded matches Paul Lee showed up…if you don’t know Paul Lee, he’s one of the better players out there…Needless to say he kicked our asses, first with Ken then Yang, with Yang it got irritating and you’ll see why (same move over and over…).

Anyways, there are some Remy matches on there, the first Remy match, although he has the same custom that I pick, is NOT me, every Remy match after that is me though (getting my ass kicked by Paul Lee :frowning: ). I divided the clip into two parts, on the second part it got truncated at the end, so there are two file in a zip, the second has like the last 4 minutes of the matches (including part of a Remy one).

Oh, and sorry about the quality, I had to lower it so the file wouldn’t be huge, enjoy.

Oh yea, there are 7 days, or like 25 downloads available…so try to download it as quickly as possible and only click once on the download link…thanks!

Paul has excellent execution of his moves, knows how to use mind games quite well, etc. But after the 7th match, its like, come on LOSE ALREADY! But great videos still.

Agreed, thanks for upping them. The arcade seems to have pretty competition; Paul Lee was crazy w/ his Ken…

Your Remy seems alright, just overpowered by Ken and Yang. Too bad there weren’t other clips of you fighting other peeps though.

Oh, we both use the same Remy colour. Strong Punch FTW!

Yea, I thought it sucked that the day I wanted to tape matches that foo showed up :confused: there is usually varied comp with different characters. As for the 7th match and still not dying, look at the top at the wins, he had 20+ wins, I just didn’t tape EVERY match cause I figured he would keep on winning, imagine watching the same situation playing off for over 20 times…it got boring lol.

I’m usually VERY aggressive, but it was kind of hard in this situation, so I was jumping around a lot and not playing as usual…i’m going to try to tape some more matches today, witih more Remy ;D

Yeah, I noticed the win counter was pretty high… Actually, I think I picked up a bit from watching his style… he’ll turtle until he sees an opportunity, and then he’ll just RTSD you until you die…

Thanks again for the vids! G/L tonight!

links are blocked!!!

aww man, too many ppl DLed them =(

People on other boards on here were DLing them too…I guess it exceeded the limit…anyone know a good way of uploading VIDs for everyone to DL? I don’t have my own server or anything so I don’t know…I got new vids tonight, which are WAY better than the ones posted earlier…for one thing, more variety of characters…without Paul Lee there lol.

wow i like the first remy’s moves… too bad he got wasted

use megaupload, you can get like over 100 d/l’s I believe. I did when I uploaded an album for some ppl on another board

New matches…these are smaller files, just my Remy vs other ppl.
I tried mega upload, thanks, hopefully it will work better.

iwst99 maybe torrent it?

There’s a few Remy matches at . Get 'em while their hot!

Damn, I just realized the speed on megauploads is freaking slow…unless it’s my comp, anyone else have that problem? cause if it’s that slow i’m gonna upload it elsewhere then…

It’s not just you. They are quite slow… max d/l speed I got was about 20 kbps.

Ah ok, I’ll try a different way to upload them then… sigh

thanx man, got em. And thanx for that link they even got KOF11 vids :wgrin:

Nps… you should check that site everyday… they update frequently, but don’t host links/vids for a long time.

Remy scrubs :rofl:

Go play elena

i wanna see this now