NEW video: Team Whales - Chapter 1

Since 2 months from the trailer’s release, the video is finally out…

Hope you all enjoy it!

Please help seed after you finish your download.

random video notes:

  • (1:41) EX fireball goes over crouching chun-li

  • (2:45) Nearly inescapable Demon setup (appears to be done split second too early in the video)

  • (4:05) Two standing roundhouses can be linked in a row provided the first is close enough. Works on crouching Dudley only (corner or midscreen).

  • (4:22) Some sicker things Umehara could have done to Justin at evo2k4…

  • (5:01) Dead Dummy with no KO screen (training mode bug?). Dummy set to quickstand, but doesn’t, indicating he is already dead (also confirmed by damage numbers of the combo).

  • (5:50) Ken LINK strong shoryu from cr. strong (crouching big characters only)

thanks OPERA, but the vids don’t work 4 me, or maybe becouse the firewall at my oficce? I really want to see this VIDEOS!!

Someone wanna yousendit this? I can’t torrent well here at university at ALL. :frowning:

Either way, thanks for the vid.

Great stuff :tup:
some setups/mixups were crazy, how could you think about that?
I’ll steal something here and there but I’ll keep playing with simpler stuff (for now at least).
Don’t show this vid to Messatsu Yarou or he’ll try to replicate this partition madness :lol:

I liked the meaty combos with Dudley s.rh*2 a lot

does not have to be meaty s. rh.

s. rh x 2 will link together on crouching dudley if the first s. rh is done close enough (corner or midscreen). ^ ^

Great video guys. I don’t think I’ll be able to use any of that urien stuff in a regular match but trying some kneedrops during a reflector juggle aught to prove interesting.

Awesome :tup:

The Urien stuff is just beyond me. I’m still trying to work with just a corner Aegis, but I’m seeing two done at midscreen…crazy stuff, man, crazy stuff. Too good.

just watched it.

all i gotta say is SICK!!!

another question about the meaty s. roundhouse -> s. roundhouse link. does it only work on Dudley? or will other characters with wide crouching hitboxes (i.e., Alex or Ibuki) get hit as well?

good job, boys :amazed:


read the first post in the thread (edited to talk about the dudley combo).

the first roundhouse does NOT have to be a meaty attack.

dopeness aww yea. :karate: i’ll keep seeding for a while.

you guys should hook up the song you used for the music it sounds hot vid was nice the kara chop demon is sick

The partitioning… the partitioning…

It’s always nice to see it, and you seemed to eek as much as you could out of it. Eye candy is tasty. :slight_smile: Definitely saving this vid.

Don’t mean to rag, but what’s so special about the demon? Something I’m missing?

the demon set up is pretty much inescapable.


thanks for the explanation. doubt i’ll be using it then, since i don’t run into any Dudleys here :shake:. now if it worked vs. the Shotos or Chun, then i’d be jizzing my pants right about now :lol:.


“pretty much inescapable” ok… why?

it’s just like Gigas. if it’s activated right beside you, you would have had to input a jump before the flash comes out. if you’re even a split second too late, you’ll get grabbed. if you do a super, whatever. you’ll probably get grabbed too. that’s why it’s pretty much inescapable.


Wow!..Great Vid!..I really enjoyed watching it…editing looks clean as fuk too! :tup:

anyone know what the song is playing in the background…? I watched the vid like 20 times trying to get a handle on the Urien combos,heh.

Now it’s stuck in my head. =p

It seems as though the link to the torrent is down. I’d be happy to host the torrent on my web site if needed.

The torrent has been a little shaky.
Please bear with it, since it’ll fix itself soon enough. Just try again later.

The torrent is working again so get it while its still UP.

thank you for the kind words Shogo. we all look forward to more of your top quality match footage as well :cool: