NEW video: Team Whales - Chapter 1

Absolutely, THE WORST music I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

i seen one demon set up like that but you actually get hit by the chop then cancel the first hit so you’re still in hitstun when you get grabbed but it doesn’t combo

Nobody really wants to fucking hear that, especially since it’s not even about the combos.

I didn’t know that this discussion was strictly about the combos and not the video in general. :rolleyes:

Well, music has much less significance in a combo video, because that’s not what makes the video special. Any other video, that doesn’t even have to be a video game video, could have the same music. That was my main point.

If you don’t know how to TURN OFF YOUR SOUND, don’t bother d/ling the video at all.

That music is nice. The vid…rocks. Keep it up :tup:

I Want The Music Hook It Up

You guys would make RX proud man. Up till that vid, he was the only real Urien inovator I’ve ever seen. Partitioning that shit to death!!!

Had a dl of your spring whaling vid as well. You guys actually do play better when you’re not sleepy. lolz
Umeshoto 1337n355 all over that vid right there.

Question though, what or who are the tight brown guys that you have in your avs? Where are they from?

Anyway, good shit. Nice work. Thumbs up.

Cool video, well done. And I honestly thought the music was great.

Best song I heard in a while. Got the full album right after watching the vid. And I actually thought the music made the video a whole lot more enjoyable. Good job Whales.

then that’s escapable.

the only combo starter Akuma has for demon is far s. roundhouse.

Akuma can cancel into demon using any normal and any special. it’s weird, but it works. CPU sometimes does dive kick -> c. forward xx demon. you can obviously jump away, but it’s cool that it’s possible. a buddy of mine does stupid stuff like Akuma’s strong, fierce chain xx demon :lol:.

opera and Emphy

regarding the Urien sickness, how do you guys go about planning it? seems so complicated :lol:.


freestyle whaling

Why is a 6 minute video 166 meg?

sorry about that… this was really the first time making a video for me- it was a learning experience.

next time, it will be a smaller file size for sure.

Cuz its fucking 1337!!1one

great video man, that demon setup was great ^_^. Also can you share the name of the song?


go to yahoo and try ‘m-flo miss you download’… should be able to get the full album from one of the sites on the first page…

there are countless ways to get music files on the internet.

i use Limewire.

found it so others dont’ have to check all those sites like i did the files are kinda slow