New Videos (plural!) By Mike Z And Thongboy Bebop!

Bebop Version: [media=youtube]mvS0bt2v_nc[/media]


Mike Z version:

After a long and strange journey, we two video dynamos have joined forces like the Mega Powers of yore to bring you not one, but TWO action packed combo videos back-to-back. All credit goes to Mike Z for his amazing editing work on PotegamanIV (even I’m pretty impressed), also for all combos and gameplay sequences. The oddball japanese version’s editing is my own baby, watch at your own discretion. And turn it UP.


PS: Shoutouts to Magnetro for holding the camera, Sanchez for crazy mashing skills, and MikeZ for collaborating with me on this one. Hope you like it, ladies.

ALSO: My video makes more sense if you watch this videofirst.

Nice! You rock.

Magnetro gets a B+ rating in tripod support. Camera only noticeably shook once.

Both videos get an A+, very nicely done. :smiley:


Lol when did you start playing GG TB? Awasome vid!

They both stink and you two should never make videos ever ever never again.



that was nutz, thx guys

You get an D- for not helping



I could have mashed and held the camera without shaking it. Magnetro’s a scrub.

Both of these videos were posted without my permission. That is not the final edit.
The final version will be on shortly, with a real announcement.

Mods, please delete this thread.

Mike Z

What? This is the first I’ve heard of this.


TB is #1 in my book

Didn’t Thongboy edit one of those? And aren’t you guys boys? What’s the beef? Unofficial? Hold up son, that doesn’t make sense. Did he STEAL these? Like catch you in the parking lot and be like “GIVE UP THEM VIDEOS SON!” Or did he just release versions you weren’t happy with?

We really should make a reality TV show out of this site.

damn beef in the pre-release party!

Real World SRK edition

The singing from the Megaman video made me lol so hard.

Well, I’m not going into it here. Since there isn’t much I can do, the link he posted at the beginning is now the final version.

Mike Z

Well, those two videos are pretty different, the only thing they share is a running megaman theme which I’m sure came up since you and Thongboy were collaborating on something anyway. The collabo didn’t work I guess, which is why we got two vids. While you don’t want to get into it here, I don’t see what the issue is since the videos are pretty different. I mean, dude, one is in black and white. Seems kinda unfair to come out and say that the shit wasn’t authorized, but whatever. Do your thing, sir. Both videos are tight.