New vids from KSK's Gamer's Vision

bittorrent format.
I’m seeding both

for at least 2 days.

TOP level stuff.

I’m raping someone’s upload right now for 1 MB/s.

New vids from Japan are always good. :tup:

Dno’t working 4 me!!! what I need to download??

Been leaving shareaza open for a while, but it says no sources :sad:
I’ll leave it open and see what happens.

I’m seeding again, it should work now I hope.

I’ll grab this tonight, and I seed until I delete it from my HD.

These links point to torrent files which are a list of other people who are downloading/sharing the videos; they are not the videos themselves.

Install a bittorrent compatible client – I use BitComet:

  • Oisin