New vids me v/s Ken First to 5



Ok… so I feel like I’m getting a tad bit better (shoutout to Ryu Gosling for helping me train), but I wanted to post these vids of a first to 5 I had with a Ken player last night. I ended up losing 4-5, but I know it was due to my execution and not my decision making, but I don’t think he was that good either so, bottom line, I would like to share these vids (which for some reason only 1 of them loaded… I’ll load the rest tomorrow).

Any and all criticism/comments are welcomed. From “man you’re a scrub” to “ok that was good there” to whatever. Thanks guys!


ok… tried to embed but for some reason, wouldn’t work. here’s link


oh… it embeds automatically… that’s SWEET!


i would say you should list the things up which you think you did wrong in that match.


Thing I think I did wrong (which I’m, clearly, still a beginner):

1st round:

  • spacing… in the first round, I allowed too much space to operate
  • aggression… was too passive… kinda plays into the allowing space thing too
  • execution… there were a few times where I just didn’t execute what I wanted to do. ie ultra 1 from right side is difficult for me (236 236 kkk)
  • whif punishing… I let him get away with murder. I’m not sure if it’s my reaction time or just my confidence in being able to pull off a proper punish. then to, I’m not sure how to punish what
  • too many specials
  • not even threatening the throw
  • all around scrubbishness lol…

2nd round:

I actually think I did pretty well this round. was way more aggressive and overall more confident which I like but seemed as though I got “greedy” and over aggressive which cost me the round with that super (which causes ALOT of damage).

  • spacing… again… not very good. let him out of the corner
  • patience… may have bee too impatient with trying to just end the round
  • whif punishing… again… don’t really know what to do in certain situations. like how do I punish lp dp whiff etc

so now the things I struggle with are simply what’s the “right” way to play the character. I watch GamerBee alot, but, honestly, the execution is just so god-like that it’s very intimidating. I hear that I’m supposed to control the mid range, but first off, what does this even mean? like stay right outside st rh range? if so… how to I get there and stay there? just alot of questions I have and confusion on how to do this


big thing for me is how should Adon be played? I like aggression… just going in totally. I like muay thai so I initially played sagat. didn’t like him bc he was slow and kinda built for zoning. Went to Adon and like the character alot, but just trying to figure out a way to be more aggressive with him. I actually don’t even care about losing online as much as getting better, which I think I am, but just not at a pace that I think I should be.


I dont know how comfortable you are with doing IAJKs, but theyare really useful in these shoto matches. They are a really good way to get in on shotos using their alot and at the right range it will go over hadokens. Aside from that I felt like you were standing in the right spots most of the fight, just got tagged by a max range sweep a few times. I like to focus around that range vs Kens just to see if he will throw out the stepkick.


Hey guys … I don’t want to bitch … but please post vids in the video thread or MU thread … otherwise we will have 1 billion threads with 1 billion topics … ^^

You should just focus on the basics in the first place … don’t try to do things that your execution & your reactions simple don’t allow you at your current level … no offense.

  • Get down your B&Bs and punishes (if you are not sure if you have enough time for a hard punish just do cr.lp x RJ)
  • Good Footsie and spacing comes when your mind & fingers are free from being scared to drop combos or from simple panic … muscle memory = confidence
  • Don’t do specials because you just want to do it … and don’t do a move/special again and again because you WANT it to hit or work !!! ^^
  • Don’t move forward and backwards if you don’t have a plan why you do it … if you don’t know the footsie range of your oppoenten than try to keep safe or in roundhouse range and focus on AA
  • Challenge his AA game … if he only AAs 1 out of 3 jump ins go for jump ins
  • Make him respect your great tick throw options

General advice against Ken:

  • Don’t use Ultra 1 … Kens fireball is so bad that you can punish it on reaction with EX JK or IAJK … there is no need to waste the damage from Ultra 2 and you will need the FADC ultra 2 option
  • IAJK is Kens nightmare … it counters his forward step kick & FB
  • Ken does not have a good tool against Focus Attack (no 2 hit button) … challenge him with FA …

Just my 2 cents


Thanks guys… and my apologies. I didn’t know I should only post vids there.