New vintage arcade in Nor Cal

Today they opened a classic arcade called** High Scores** with all of the really old favorites for anyone who is interested.

The owners are both cool people and have taken a liking to my brother and myself and decided to add a few 90s games, well mainly due to the overwhelming requests about a Street Fighter 2 arcade machine. So they recently added a hyper fighting but they’re in the works to get a Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition in very soon.

The address is
1414 Park St
(between Central Ave & Santa Clara Ave)
Alameda, CA 94501

They have a bunch of classics from the 80s and a few games from the 90s.
I don’t have a full list but basically if it existed in the 80s its probably there as besides all the dedicated cabs they also have multicade machines with 50-100 games on some of them.

Just passing the word because nor cal has nothing like this so it’s a great thing that someone made one

moving to pacific north

What city is it in? What’s it called?

If anyone goes here, a game list would be appreciated.

updated the first post for people interested in the place now that they got a street fighter, oh btw they also have a mint condition mortal kombat 2. you guys will find me and alex there at least once a week and often we go head to head on the sf2 hyper machine

Anniversary edition - is that the one with all the alpha games, in addition to every version of Street Fighter 2? Thanks for the updated info.

You’re thinking alpha anthology, cps2AE is the ‘all SF2’ characters with the fucked up ST Vega - the wall dive motion is all screwy in that game, but only for ST Vega.

Asteroids Deluxe
Baby Pac-Man
Burgertime (48-in-1, includes Galaga, 1942, Burgertime, etc)
Champion Baseball
Custom Multicade (~250 games)
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Final Fight
Food Fight
Jungle King
Karate Champ
Mario Bros (19-in-1 board)
Missile Command
Mortal Kombat II
Ms Pac Man
NeoGeo (109 game board)
Offroad Thunder
Pac-Man (48-in-1, includes Galaga, 1942, Burgertime, etc)
Punch Out!
Revolution X
Smashing Drive
Space Duel
Space Invaders Deluxe
Star Wars
Street Fighter II (Hyperfighting)
Track and Field
Turbo Outrun
Zookeeper (multi-board, includes Tapper,
Rootbeer Tapper, Tetris, Elevator Action)