New viper need help plz



I just picked up viper and the only thing I am having trouble with is I see top players doing super jump burn kicka.but keeping the BK so low to the ground that it hits grounded opponents…I cant for the life.of me make it happen no matter how fast I go…I can do it after an EX seismo and thats it…is there something wrong Im doing with the inputs or should I be doing a certain spacimg…ty


this is a question that has been asked a bunch in the quick Q&A thread, so normally you should ask for help there, but I’ll help you here :3.

I can make videos for this if you’re still having trouble.

There’s a few different ways you can do this. No matter what way you choose, it’s going to take a lot of practice in training mode. If you don’t practice it a ton, then your consistency will be horrible and you’ll just end up doing a super jump early roundhouse flying at your opponent, which will make you lose 1/4 of your health.

  1. far distance burn kick :d: :db: :b: :uf: + :hk:
    This burn kick will pretty much hit someone half-screen away from you. You have to do this kind of quick, because if you do it slow, it won’t be a super jump. The thing that sucks about this is you have to go from :b: to :uf: in a fairly precise fashion. If you accidentally go :u: before :uf:, you’ll do just a burn kick straight up off the ground and not towards the opponent. I believe if you go :f: before :uf:, you’ll still be okay and it will work. What you can do to help you with this is to throw a :lk: out and do the motion while you’re doing the :lk:. This is good timing on how fast you should do it, because you should be hitting :uf: right as the :lk: ends, so all you have to do is press :hk:

  2. far distance burn kick :d: :df: :f: :uf: :f: :df: :d: :db: :b: + :hk:
    Same exact result of #1, but a different input. This is a really tough input, simply for the fact that it’s not necessarily harder to do than #1 in terms of what inputs you need to do, but that you have to do it very fast. Between this and #1, no one is better than the other, it’s whatever you can do more consistently. You could also do :d: :uf: :d: :db: :b: + :hk: if you want, but the former motion is easier to do. It’s whatever works for you, as long as you get a super jump with a burn kick motion.

  3. short distance burn kick :f: :df: :d: :db: :b: :uf: + :hk:
    This burn kick will not leave the ground very high at all, because it won’t be super jumped. The reason why it’s not being super jumped is that it’s not starting from :d:, and it doesn’t have to be very quick input. You can actually do this very easily by holding :f: and finishing the motion whenever you wish (extremely useful on opponent’s wakeup, because it will cross them up). If you time this right, you can literally walk forward at your opponent, and if they throw a fireball, this can go over the fireball and hit the opponent if you time it and space it properly.

  4. far distance backwards burn kick :d: :db: :b: :ub: + :hk:
    This is good for a “I wanna get away and get my feet back on the ground quickly” kind of thing. This can be used in the beginning of the round to quickly make it a full-screen fight so you can start seismo pressure. This can also be used for making good reads on your opponent, like if Cammy does a spiral arrow, Boxer does a rush punch, or Zangief does a wake-up EX green hand.

I might be forgetting a thing or two, but this should be a good start!

C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!
C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!
C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!
C.Viper Q&A: Quick questions here please!

thank you so much Im going to the lab to work as hard as possible now…if you dont mind I may add u on psn and maybe playing u watchig u do it may help as well…thanks again!!


I rarely play on PSN but I’ll try to be on more! My PSN name is TheFragileSky


I got that instant cross up burn kick down perfect…that helped alot…atill cant get the long ranfge one tho:/ I either fo way to high or just get roundhouse


I can’t imagine that you’re going way too high unless you’re doing method #2, which just means you’re not doing it quick enough. If you’re getting just the roundhouse, that means that you are either not doing the burn kick input, or that you need to delay the roundhouse just a little bit. Sometimes when I try to do method #1, I accidentally do :d: :db: :uf: just because of my own input error, which means I never completed the burn kick motion [:d: :db: :b:].

If you’re still having trouble, I’ll try to make a video sometime this week.

Also, it’s good that you can do instant cross up burn kick. Learning to implement that on your opponent’s wakeup will improve your game dramatically, because most players won’t block it for the first ~4 times you do it (or they will spam a dp, but you can do a :lk: burn kick right above their head which beats most dp reversals, aka anti-shoto burn kick). Once they start trying to predict you crossing them up, then you can hit them in the front with a non cross up burn kick, or a fierce feint fierce :].


awesome man…thanx for your continued help…if you make a vid it will be most apreciated…ill keep at it in the lab though


imm a starting c viper too and ive been practicing this but how do i know if im doing it right? for method 3 i think im gettin it because it hits the character when i do the heavy one and sometimes crosses up. but for the other ones i cant tell if im doing it right. am i supposed to see the sj stream for method 1 method 2 and method 4? it says u can hit some1 from half screen but a raw heavy burn kick hits them from half screen anyways.


Sorry for the delayed reply.

You’re not supposed to see the super jump stream that comes out of her heels (maybe for a very brief moment at most), but how you can always tell if a burn kick is superjumped or not is that a small white puff of dust appears on the ground right under her as she leaves the ground to do a burn kick. That dust won’t be there when you do a raw burn kick.

Yes, you’re correct that a raw heavy burn kick can hit someone about half screen too, but it sucks for so many reasons:

#1) EVERYTHING about it is slower. It also has much less active frames.
#2) It cannot crossup, unless under extremely specific situations against very specific characters.
#3) It cannot go over fireballs like the superjumped version can.
#4) Worse frame advantage if blocked.

Each reason is incredibly important, and basically makes it so raw burn kicks on the ground just have no practical use (except when you’re waking up and you do a raw light burn kick, which blows up throws and a few other things). The only advantage a raw burn kick has over an aerial burn kick is that it does literally10 more damage, which is negligible considering every reason above.

As a small side note, we are talking about regular burn kicks here, not EX ones. EX ground burn kick and EX aerial burn kick have their own advantages. EX ground burn kick has 8 frames of invincibility, and is active on the 9th frame (pretty slow). EX aerial burn kick can juggle, and that’s about it.


totally forgot about ground bk doing 10 more dmg. I guess that makes doing a sjc ground bk after seismo in corner like in that last trial in vanilla actually superior to the standard air bk. Interesting ^^


EX seismo > MK TK in corner deals most damage.


Oh yeah, I totally forgot, despite going for MK TK in corner every time. Also makes ultra timing easier imo and no stupid situations where the opp lands behind you. Silly me D:
Just for the sake of it, if you go into ultra EX BK actually does most dmg :wink:


Fragile, I checked my inputs and it’s all right, but I keep getting an simple SJ instead. I tried to figure out what’s the problem, but no ideas so far. If you could make a video it would be awesome. Thanks in advance.


If your getting a superjump with no normal and your trying to do #1 , your pressing the Kick button too early. If your getting superjump with a normal, your pressing the kick button too late. Same thing for #2, although youd have to have alien fast inputs to be able to complete the motion and press the button too early. If your talking about #3, you shouldnt get a super jump at all. You are likely not holding forward or down (works both) for a sufficient amount of time before doing it to eliminate the possibility of a SJ coming out. Its a little bit like with a charge character, gotta “charge” that burnkick in order for it to work by holding any direction (forward or down).

The + sign with the Kick button on the last input is actually misleading in the post your referring to, as it suggests the last directional input and the kick button are done simultaneously. This is not the case and you will press the button too early if your inputs in training mode show the motion ending in up forward + kick on the same line. The last lines should either look like up forward and then up forward + kick or up forward and then only kick, depending on if your holding up forward a little or immediately release the stick to a neutral position.


I’m having problem with #1. I’ll look for the correct timing based on your answer. Thank you for answer :slight_smile:


K so I have been practicing the low forward feint cross up bk mixup. And it doesn’t seem to hit on crouching characters (it works on sagat) I have been using method 2 for the bk. Is it supposed to hit the entire cast while crouching and I’m just doing it wrong?


<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“flame1626”>K so I have been practicing the low forward feint cross up bk mixup. And it doesn’t seem to hit on crouching characters (it works on sagat) I have been using method 2 for the bk. Is it supposed to hit the entire cast while crouching and I’m just doing it wrong? </blockquote>

It works on the entire crouching cast. Using MK Bk makes it a little bit easier to hit imo. If your doing method 2, your just not doing the motion fast enough. Doing method 2 is extremely tough as described in the OP, if your not hitting your BK activates too high in the super jump arc - your input is too slow. Id recommend learning method #1 but if u wanna stick to #2 there is nothing you can do except get the motion done faster. Use MK BK on both methods for slightly more leeway on timing.


Thanks. I’m going to practice more method 2…it just seems much more natural to me. I have a lot more trouble going from b to uf w/o hitting u compared to doing the motion fast


Wow this is great. I’m starting to learn about Viper too. Ever since I got getting my behind handed to me, I thought that I should learn new characters besides Ryu and Ken. Haha