New Vs. game announcement this year if TvC does well!

You can read the full article here.

If this turns out to be true, what kind of Vs. game would you all like to see? I’m personally hoping for a Marvel/Disney Vs Capcom game now that Disney owns Marvel. Can you imagine playing a team of Ninja Mickey, Spiderman, and Ibuki? Shit would be amazing.


People seem to be taking this the wrong way. I’m going to assume this is due to people reading too much into what he said, or just misinterpreting it. Here is Nyoronoru and my take on it so that, hopefully, we quit getting the same responses to this over and over lol.

Also, here is another article talking about it. This article also talks about a possible PS3/XBOX360 port if people scream for it enough, all though unlikely:

Bullshit until other source than Kotaku.

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I’m always so apprehensive about devs telling fans to buy their game if they want another one, I mean what if the game sucks? Does that mean we shouldn’t expect them to learn from their mistakes and make another to make up for it? Granted no one wants to make a sequel to a game that sales like a lead balloon…beh I guess I just answered my own question, but I still don’t like it!


end thread.

I get what you mean and I’m not too fond of it either. It looks so pitiful.

Let’s rob a bank so we can all buy a fuckton of copies. They’ll be able to develop the sequel while we’re in prison (if we get caught!)!

if this is true, cvonsidering how awful is tvc is safe to asume that we would never see another Vs game :rofl:

So baaasssicalllyy…I have to hope a bunch of smash/wii kids buy TvC to get my MvC3?


yeah, shit won’t happen. with the exception of smash, most people who bought wii didn’t get it for games like this.

Fukken thirded

People with wii’s will find tvsc too complicated.
Fourth’d about kotaku… dont trust them.

not this again…

I think some of you might be reading too much into what he said. It actually makes sense, in terms of business practices. Basically, if TvC does well it will be much easier to get a new Vs game approved by the people in charge of money. He isn’t saying they will never make a Vs game ever again if TvC does poorly. Also, why all the Kotaku hate? Do they usually make up fake interviews?

edit: Oh, and no one has even bothered to answer my question lol. What kind of Vs game/s would you like to see made?

I used to get all pissy when people who obviously don’t play TvC made fun of it, but all I’m gonna say now is y’all are missing out.

Flame if you want…but I have more fun with TvC than SF4. But I’ll play Marvel an HDR over it any day.

i like how they are holding a game hostage for the sake of tvc sales

I think people are misinterpreting his statements. He isn’t holding you ransom. What he’s saying is that if a large number of sales occur it will be much easier to go ahead with other Versus titles since you have to make a proposal to the Capcom guys in charge of finances. They are going to balk at investing in any VS. series if they are flops.

He’s telling you the truth; game sales are bargaining chips, plain and simple.

EDIT: Double post.

Oh my God, this is so true.

I know this dude who just plays Super Smash Bros. Melee / Brawl. He’s pretty sick at it too. He recently told me that he’s going to start playing the new Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and that a bunch of his other friends are going to start playing it too. Them Smash kids are converting.