New Wanted trailers

Not my find, really, but I saw this linked over at Flixster and thought I’d share:

Russian trailers #1 & #2

The two new trailers are both in Russian (because the director of the film is a huge celebrity over there, from the Night Watch films), so I can’t understand a damned thing being said, but there IS a lot of new footage in there I haven’t seen before. The shot of Wesley cracking a guy across the face with a computer keyboard is SWEET!

One of my top 5 favorite TPBs; I am SOOO stoked for this and Watchmen both!

Oh I am stupid, I saw a write-up about this and I just assumed it was just another random generic action movie - I didn’t think to link it with the comic.

I like the trailers, they exude the same douchey, LOOK AT ME I’M SO EXTREEEEEEEEME feel of the comics. It also makes sense they’re kinda ditching the supervillian angle in favour of the “secret league of assassins” but that was what I enjoyed about the comic.

(LOL @ the keys flying off the keyboard to spell “FUCK YOU” - I wouldn’t believe you for a second if you said Mark Millar wasn’t involved in writing the script.)

Plus now I wonder how they’re going to explain his superpower now of being able to shoot the wings off flies and stuff…or apparently bend the path of a bullet, which looks pretty ridiculous.

Also, I’m nitpicking now, but it’s too bad they couldn’t get Halle with the leather jumpsuit and the fox ears instead of Jolie.

And don’t ever mention a Mark Millar book in the same sentence as Watchmen. I hate you forever.

That flies thing is straight out of the book, where Wesley has to shoot 6 flies when he’s never held a gun in his life. I’m guessing they still have people with powers; they’re just not calling them “supervillains”, so that the stupid people in the audience don’t start wondering when Superman is gonna show up.

As for the Halle Berry thing, I’m actually GLAD they DIDN’T get her for the role. I know the character in the comic was modeled after her (hell, Wesley was modeled after Eminem, and I wouldn’t have wanted to see him, either), but Halle Berry is POISON in a comic book film. The weakest part of the X-Men series, and need I mention the atrocity that is Catwoman? If they were going to go in another direction, I think they chose perfectly with Angelina Jolie - and not just 'cuz my pants get shorter ever time I see her on screen. :tup: She’s outstanding at nailing that “sexy killer” attitude that Fox has in the book, sort of like a dirtier version of Lara Croft; the closest Halle Berry came to that would be her role in Swordfish, which ain’t saying much.

Oh, and I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Millar’s “Watchmen for supervillains” pitch line, huh? :rofl:

halle’s parts that failed are bad writing not bad acting.

come on now…you gonna try and convince me catwoman would have been good no matter the actress? its just halle who fucked it up?

please…convince me.

LOL - there’s no way I’m touching that one! Catwoman was a cat-astrophic mess (ha - bad pun! :looney:) of epic proportions; it was so bad, even the catering company couldn’t get out of there without shouldering part of the blame. However, I DO think Halle Berry’s acting sucked in it. Better yet, even if you’re letting her off the hook for Catwoman, how do you explain the X-Men movies? Part 3 aside, the first 2 are great; great scripts, great director, great cast… but Halle Berry as Storm is EASILY the weakest part of the franchise. She was downright terrible.

Just because you win an Oscar doesn’t mean you can play every role out there, and it seems that comic book characters are a weakness in Ms. Berry’s abilities; I’m glad they didn’t feel obligated to import those weaknesses into the Wanted film franchise, just because of a physical similarity.