NEW Waterloo Thread

Thinking about waterloo in september. honestly, if you’d known more before choosing the school, would you have moved to the boonies?
^my biggest concern.
How is traveling? is it very accomidating, or are you kinda fucked? are their many trains and buses going to TO etc?

any pure math peeps in here?’s the work load???, does the reputation live up to your expectations etc…???
…lol, pure math peeps!:looney: :rolleyes:

pure math workload is crazy.
there fed bus and greyhound to get to, u dunt have to worry about tat.

it not really the boonies, so much shit to do there(keg party everyday,if u know the rite ppl), the question is, do u have the time, since u are a pure math student.

ic ic. good shit. i would prefer a heavy workload, so, that sounds good. how bout smoke parties???

my don smoke up with me every weekend, and i had a drug dealer across the hall from me in first year rez. u wont have trouble finding smoke parties.

i took a peek at the arcade at like 3pm and it was like a ghostown. Whats up with that?

school hasn’t started yet, that’s why

the official date will be setp 11… but even then, it won’t be that busy.

AoR, fed buses aren’t running anymore b/c of legal issues w/ greyhound or something.

but there are still plenty of greyhounds going from uw to union station… and if you miss those buses, you can simply grab a local bus to get to kitchiner station, and catch a greyhound from there… even hr / 2 hrs they run to union.

i’ll probably drop by cove after work, around 7pm - 8pm