New Wave of Hori Arcade Sticks!

With all of the Hori Arcade Sticks coming out as of late, I felt compelled to do a write up to help inform people on what is out there and where to get it.

I put up an article on my website ( which you can see here:

If anyone has any suggestions on info to add or links to places that have it for sale, let me know.

Oh man, good shit Markman. Put this along with the HRAPFAQ thats on here and stick that shit.
By the way, that HRAP3SA is never coming out right? And the HRAPEX buttons look terrible, worse than the HRAP/2/3/ knockoffs, especially the start buttons.

Edit: Wait, the Amazon exclusive colors have been decided on already? Fuck, I would have loved to see green. Green with white would have been sweet.

Green with white yes, good colour scheme, but holy crap the HRAPEX looks like the NEO GEO Controller. Colour wise.

I’m happy and sad at the same time. They’re finally releasing a good stick for the 360 but I’ve already invested in customs.

Yea the HRAP3 SA was canned after it’s low number of preorder interest ;(

At least the HRAP2 SA came out :wink:

Cool, thanks MarkMan.

Seems like there are a lot of options right now. Makes sense w/ the games coming out. STHD beta coming out next week and then SF4 around the corner. The hrap2 has been overpriced because of lack of availability, which I think in the long term hurts the community. Hopefully a ton of importing will take place and lower the price for us in the US.

Hori is the best!!!

Thank you for the information, I’ll have to get one or two of these hraps.

This is great news…

Time to start saving!!!

Two more sticks just announced (although they’re old)……-arcade-stick/

 		  			Originally Posted by **SDTEKKEN.COM**: 		 	
 	 		 			*Fans of Hori?s smaller arcade sticks for the will be pleased to know that both the PS3?s Fighting Stick 3 and the Xbox 360?s Fighting Stick EX2 are being repackaged for Soul Calibur IV?s late July release. The SCIV themed sticks are identical to their previous incarnations and feature Soul Calibur IV themed artwork.*

Hori Soul Calibur IV Stick (Xbox 360)

Soul Calibur IV Stick (PS3)

Hori sticks would be so much better if they did something about the spongy ass buttons.

I thought I read somewhere that the HRAP1 Amazon has Sanwa buttons… can someone confirm?

Maybe I was just thinking of the stick, cause sdtekken says it has snap-in buttons…


and are these sticks wireless?

I don’t think so. I think the EX2 for the XBox360 had a cable when I played with it once. But I’m not that sure.

Fuck, I wouldn’t mind getting the HRAPE err, HRAP3 but I’ll wait and see how Capcom handles their SF4 sticks for PS3 and PC (hopefully both being at least USB and interchangeable).