New way of kara throw

I havent seen anyone post this way in the new thread, and i get my kara throws 99% this way

i use the mas stick, american, to play 3s. so with no diagonals, this kara throw is the hardest imo, other than mp hp and hk

i use my middle finger joint (the one the bends on the outside part of your finger) to press mk, and my indez on lp, and my thumb on lk. now i can drum it nice and easy like i do with alex kara throws and such, makes it a LOT more easier and a LOT more comfortable.

i havent seen anyone posted this in the older threads, but it should give american stick users a better accuracy rate. enjoy :tup:

so what you’re trying to say is it’s the easiest…

i meant that its the hardest before i tried the other way lol. its kinda easy now, im just more used to the other ones. someone always used to happen to punish my being messed up from a kara throw =/.

lol anyone will start to have love for a game they understand more. i just gotta get more experience and get better, shinshay showed me the light on this game and got me started playing seriously. so has a lot of srk with their help and tips.

ring fingure kara’s pwn!

iv’e posted this b4, but, just remember to not get your ring finger caught on hp or hk.

EDIT:oh dude, it was on a thread u made

oh i overlooked it. everyone was saying ring/pinky lol that strains my hand

yh that way your ring and middle gets in the way.