New way to get better


Hi guys. I was wondering if learning karate in real life would really help me up my game in super street fighter 4. I have my doubts, but read on the internet that it helped a lot. How many of you have done this? Seems it would be expensive, and maybe my time would be better spent wrestling or something.


Make sure you learn the same style as the character you plan to main, otherwise it will just end up making you worse.


Yeah. Not recommended when learning Juri. Your in for some serious thigh/back problems.


daigo can really do a metsu hadoken.


SSblanka, can’t do shit irl. true stuff.


only if you seek out gouken as your teacher.


lmao at the diago comment. i dont think it matters if its martial arts i think the reason it would help is it might help your level of focus and self discipline so i am sure there are many things that would work to that affect.

p.s. i would seek out sakura…i bet she puts out.


Though out of practice when I started playing SF and now, I got my blackbelt in TKD at 12 years old, a while before I picked up any competitive game, much less SF. I don’t think I was any better at fighting games automatically for it. If you can learn your character to the point where you can equate playing them to them being an extension of your body, instead of your controlling a machine which is what you’re actually doing in practice, then I guess there’s nothing stopping you personally from gaining some insight on how to play… but you can do anything you want with your body. In fighting games you take what the character gives you, and hopefully it makes sense to you.

That and invincibility frames will never make any fucking sense outside of game design to you.


delete this post or something


I have some experience in martial arts and I guess it made me understand a bit of the flow in tekken…but I still suck at the game.


Like somebody already said, the only thing that would help would be the focus and self discipline you develop, but that can be developed without spending thousands of dollars and years on end learning a martial art.

The combat itself would not help.


Everyone knows the only art of fighting worth learning is the Saikyo art.


I hate the art of fighting, but I want to be the king of fighters!


If you’re only wanting to learn karate to be better at a video game, I’d say trash that idea. I get where you’re going with it, but if you only want to learn a martial art to better compete at a video game, you’re giving yourself extra work. Instead of splitting your resources between the two things for one greater goal, work towards the main goal on a single path - practice getting better at the game, and ditch the “Be Daigo overnight” mentality.


It works the other way around, actually. After playing M. Bison, I successfully conquered a third world country and further ruined their economy.



Seriously though, I don’t believe that learning Martial arts will help you be better in a video game. They’re two completely different things. I’d say playing a video game is what’s going to help you improve in a video game.

I mean, focusing my energy into the palms of my hands isn’t going to help me push out a Hadouken is it?


Um, that idea is just lol… but I do find when I’m doing lots of physical exercise I play better, maybe because my reactions are sharper - jwong and marn are both fatties though, so I guess that blows that theory out the water =).


If you’ve read it on the internet then it must be true.
Now I wonder if I can find someone to teach me Delta Red auto defense to make me a better Cammy player…


Nah, nothing you do can help you now. Just keep twirling that stick till you drop.
I was blessed with good looks, brain and brawn, therefore I’m set for life.
Sorry boys but better luck next life.