New Way To Get Drunk?

Your images are ALL fucked up… just like you whenever you inevitably get one of these

EDIT: FUCKING SRK didn’t let my joke land… god dammit.

Also now that I see it, that looks an awful lot like a meth pipe:looney:

i guess every pussy who cant stand the taste of alcohol can finally rejoice. i might give this a try for novelty sake if i were on vacation or something but I like the act of drinking too much to get into this crap

my buddy has one, its basically like a vaporizer for weed. You get instantly hammered off this, but it doesn’t last as long as booze.

For awhile these were illegal cuz they were busting people for drinking and driving, then when they got em back to the station, they’d get a breathalizer and it would turn up that you were sober.

Do white people really need ANOTHER excuse to suck on a glass cock?

You gonna trust drunk people with a glass sphere and glass straw?

Good luck with that…

edit: I used to be a glass collector in a nightclub, how the fuck would anyone be able to clean that sphere properly?

Alcohol is disgusting.

So…which part do you put in your anus?

Eh, wouldn’t want this myself, can understand people who do just drink to get drunk, but in that case a few cans of wife beater or a large bottle of white lightening will do the same without faffing about with the bastard son of a crystal ball and a bunson burner.

Correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t it really easy to die from this?

Not a bad Idea. However, I myself like the cool refreshing taste of my chosen alcohol beverages.

… An Meh… If im going to Inhale something to become under the influence… I’d rather smoke a bowl…

Come to my house and I will show you.

BTW Found this.


Goes into the blood stream faster, get intoxicated faster.

  • Inhaling lead to higher rates of alcohol addiction.*

Sounds cool for some… but not for myself. I think I’ll just sip on my OE.

I love me a good drink, but my lungs do not seem like a place I want to put alcohol.

Stoners, rejoice.

that makes things interesting…

but I’d also be afraid of not being able to accurately gauge how much I’ve inhaled, which imo is pretty easy on vaporizers. I think this is what @todder316 is referring to?

It is indeed, it just seems like this is the perfect frat boy killer.
Get um now before they are illegal due to retardation i guess.

If you over-indulge with this stupid thing, you’re pretty much fucked, since it’s going straight into your bloodstream.

All the fraternities need to get one ASAP!

Good good, maybe the herd will kill itself facilitating my job.

Oh white people. Yous so crazys.

So if I have this right…you are essentially boiling the ethanol out of any drink you have, meaning that regardless of whatever you put in it, you’re essentially just inhaling pure Everclear right into your lungs. Which sounds dangerous as hell.

The claim that you skip out on calories is misleading too, since most of the calories in drinking is from the ethanol (most drinks are just some combination of ethanol + water anyway) and your body still needs to break it down in the bloodstream.

The dangerous and hilariously white side of it is that taking alcohol through drink via the stomach has a natural delay to it and is subject to your body’s normal poison control mechanisms…ie. puking. If you start taking pure ethanol right into your bloodstream with no lag and no vomit reflex to back it up…and if you’re the type of person that thinks this is cool…your night will probably involve a stomach pump.

…wait, except there’s nothing in your stomach to pump. So I guess you will just…straight up die from alcohol poisoning then? Don’t think there would be anyway to treat that short of a massive blood transfusion. That is kind of scary actually.

Also something about taking pure ethanol vapours into your lungs sounds crazy dangerous to me. I have to worry about the damage to my liver from years of alcohol abuse already, I don’t want to have to throw my lungs in the conversation too.

And why would you want to skip out on the best part of the process, which is drinking the delicious alcohol? That is the best part.

So if you’re going to skip that part, why not just cut out the entire process, and just skip right to texting your ex something stupid and falling asleep alone in a pool of your own vomit? Kids today always in such a rush to get to their destination, no appreciation for the journey.