New Weird Assist Rule

So I jus noticed this, sorry If it’s old, I hadn’t seen this posted anywhere. In MvC2 there was a rule in place that only allowed you to use one assist per combo, however this only applied to assists that actually combo’d. We all know in this game you’re allowed to use both assists per combo, however what else has changed is that the one assist rule per combo now also applies even if the assist whiffs and isn’t part of a combo. You can test this by calling an assist from a distance and while the assist is still on the screen dash in and combo. You’ll notice that you won’t get access to the assist again untill the opponent recovers and falls out of the combo… Again sorry if this is old. I was getting frustrated during matches online becuse assists weren’t coming out when (I thought) I knew I should have had them and thought it was a glitch of some sort, but after some experimentation discovered that this is the case. So if you’ve been experiencing the same thing, this is why and you’re going to have to try and manage your gameplan and assists around this so you don’t end up in a position where you’re options are limited and lose momentum when you’re ahead of the game.

Okay just to expand on this a little, it turns out this game counts assist ussage completely differently to MvC2. Assist usage is counted entirely on the opponents recovery, so whether on not you use an assist during a combo, if you call another assist before the oponent reaches a neutral state, whether that be through standing, rolling, air recovery or some other event that leads to neutral state, the no assist rule will apply. Here’s how it works:

Call an assist - assist leaves = get assist back

call an assist > start a combo - assist leaves = get assist back when opponent reaches neutral

call an assist > start a combo - assist leaves > call another assist before opponent reaches neutral > start another combo - assist leaves = get both assists back when opponent reaches neutral

This is either unintentional and just apart of how the game was coded, or if it was on purpose, I’d say it most likely came about because of the Morrigan assist.

Yeah, it’s probably for the best. Otherwise, characters with long combo strings on or near the ground could call Morrigan multiple times during a combo and build up mad amounts of meter.

Or Ammy’s meter building assist. Imagine somebody using one of the loops with those two as assists, they could build five bars in matter of seconds if not for the rule. X-23 dirt nap, combo, dirt nap, combo, dirt nap combo.

i also hate how , in mvc2, if you only had 2 characters left, you could press any assist button to get your assist, but in mvc3, you have to press the exact assist button

THIS SO MUCH! I kept trying to call an assist but I forget which order character died and keep pressing an assist that does nothing.

I think it was deffinately done intentionally… But yeah healing assists did spring to mind…

Yeah good point, they are after all non hitting assists, that explains it. They could have made it so a succesful meter build counted as a hit but obviously chose this way instead. I instantly got thinking about the MvC2 combos using things like Zangief AA assist to alter spacing, kind of sad to see that potential gone, but oh well. How did power up assists work in MvC2? Was it possible to do the things we’re talking about here?

This effects every other assist though so you have to be aware of it when creating reset set-ups. Unless the opponent fully recovers into a standing or jumping neutral state while an assist isn’t on the screen, eventually you’ll run out of assists. That’s because doing a combo and having an assist on the screen both enforce this rule and doing them at the same time causes it to overlap and carry over. It’s no wonder I was getting frustrated when using MvC2 logic, at least now I know.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad. I lost my assist 1, I’m forced to use assist 2 the entire game. I lose my assist 2, I’m forced to use assist 1 all day

it is kind of annoying. I also miss the different coloured health bars indicating assist types…

And the X over character’s names after snapping them back.

Wasn’t this already discovered ages ago? You get one use of per assist in a combo attempt, but, you get to call both of your assists in the combo one at a time…

Reread the thread, I think you missed what’s being said here…

Another thing this prevents that I just realised is continual ublockable setups. Even though it’s possible to roll out of these situations, this rule makes it impossible for you to force unblockables over and over on okizeme…