New wireless SF IV joystick


first off I’m located in Canada and was planning on purchasing the mad catz TE stick, put a deposit down at EB but they didn’t receive any. I been looking on ebay and came across a wireless joystick for the 360. Has anyone tried these?? There are some videos on youtube. I contacted the seller and he says its made by tongwei… how would this compare to the Mad Catz TE??



Hey freshane, check this out.


custom is another option I was looking into as well, thanks for the link.


I considered purchasing that stick at one point as well but the low quality parts steered me away from it. The box itself to me is quite expensive on ebay…like 130 or 150 USD i think. On top of that you would have to exchange out all the parts (assuming they use easily moddable dimensions and such).

Comparing to Madcatz TE i believe the big thing is the parts. The TE has sanwa jlf stick and obsf 30s (quality parts as far as jap. parts are concerned). That stick you posted I believe simply has knockoff imitation parts. I think someone posted this stick before, perhaps try a search for it.

I ended up just breaking down and buying a SE stick as a temporary stick until I could finish my custom stick.

Hope some of this helps


thanks for your reply, that helped me decide not to get that wireless one and put the money towards something a lot better.