NEW!@! with a combo vid o.O

well i accidently uninstalled my SF4 on pc not realizing i lost my cdkey LOL. anywayz i decided to record a few combos i’ve learned from you fellow shoryuken. this site has improved my sakura tremendously, thanks every1


oh first time posting vid on youtube too lol, i’m a nub

Nice combos =) Got any match videos?

Yay, more Combo Videos for Sakura.

Man, wish I can do the Light Kick Links. :sad:

none match, i never used fraps til i now. since i cant go online no more haha i gotta get me a new copy, then i can record sum matches.

That would be sweet =) I’m quite interested in how you set these up :tup: Also, are the cl.s.Forward -> short.Hurricane loops the same timing as c.Fierce -> short.Hurricane loops?

not good with button terms…but i think ur askin if crouchin fierce and medium kick have the same timing. you gotta c. fierce a bit faster than . standing m. kick. standing m. kick is a bit tougher on me cuz i cant p link m. kick on a joypad, and fierce i can p link quite well

Will try. Thanks =)

Mk is the same timing as cr.hp.

If you want some really big combos man, try to use EX shouken early with low damage reduction starting with say jump hp, stand hp. Then you can mess around with looping or not with 1f links of heavy, although if you are going to end with ultra i wouldn’t do too many mkxxlk tatsu loops.

Nice video! I’m very jealous - wish I had such good execution. back to the training room for me …

That Vid was off the chain. Nice job

Sweet combos. Now I have to incorporate those mk knees into more combos, thanks for the vid.

I find cl.MK xx shunpu to be particularly tricky. Is there some trick to doing it that you guys use or should I just suck less?

For st.LK xx shunpu I actually do f.LK xx hcb.LK - but obviously you can’t do that with MK cos you’ll get her overhead. :razzy:

Really cool video! Thanks for the contribution! Every little helps.

vetty nice!

awesome video.

I swear, the timing is just beyond my comprehension at this point… take for example fadc out shouoken. I can either make it happen after the very first hit or not at all. I’ve got nothing in-between. From the video, it looks like you’re cancelling it on the 4th hit, right? How do you do that?!

That and I just can’t get s.hp to come out after the dash, it’s always c.hp which isn’t fast enough to link.

Oh well, back to the training room.

Execution on that is so tight x_x;; Wish I could do that :frowning:

Shououken you can cancel up to the 3rd hit, 4th launches both you and your opponent. Would be nice if counter-hits launched on 1st like Ken’s HP SRK :confused:

see, I can’t even count that shit right on replays… and believe me, it took like 10 times rewinding the youtube, and I still got it wrong… and I’m supposed to react that fast in the game !!! madness…

Heh well I guess the idea is when you’re able to do it enough it comes naturally to you, need to be able to do it in the first place though :frowning:

I only get that link about 25% of the time in the training room, so I might not be the best person to listen to :sweat:, but when I do it I hold forward after the second tap of the dash and basically do f.HP~MP xx hcb.LK. I find that’s the easiest way to make sure I’m getting st.HP.

the shouken cancel was explained in Destin’s thread…that was the thread that helped me thremendously, D’s the man!!! haha anywayz, what i do after the shouken is i tap f. then f + m. p + m. k …soon i got a rhythm going and it became easier, and you can connect stand hp after 1st 2nd or 3rd hit of shouken BUT i find it MUCH ezier on the 3rd hit plus dmg : ) …

stand. fierce into tatsu is quite ezy for me cuz i can fierce plink pretty well.

pc version is a bit disapointing, barely any1 plays when you hit G1

and i need a new graph card : (

edit: my fav combo during a match is, (after crumple, jump ins, or dizzy) stand mk, xx lk. tatsu, --> c. fp, xx lk. tatsu, --> stand lk. xx (now i’m always pretty much guarenteed a EX bar for EX tatsu into mix up) but if not fierce shouken ender is always nice and ezy to do.
hope that makes sense