The site offers helpful stuff and hints to optimize Kaillera gaming. Also, the servers I have are put on here, people who have empty recent tabs or missing available servers can also go here and pick up the server’s IP.

It’s still not entirely finished but I think good enough for a start. Help is really appreciated, we should support the Kaillera community.

  • Marvel Knight

Tight work man. Good luck.

yo is that you on the XPW board =0


Here’s another list. I got the TopServers app running on again since the master is down:

I shocked and horrified you haven’t added my server to the list.

UK Server! Location: London


Thanks Moose, I like the Topserver system… I’ll add your name in Credits section of K-DB once the host is back up online again. The link to the Topserver page will also be added in Servers section so more people will be able to find it (Euro).

  • Marvel Knight