New XBOX360 HORI Stick

This is going to be exactly like the DoA4 stick except it has VF5 stickers for you to decorate it.

You should buy this just for the VF5 stickers because it is so cool and stuff!

No… I’m not being serious. I would buy this just because I don’t want a DoA4 picture on my stick. The design on it is nice too!

It’s stupid that the only thing this stick has in relation to VF5 are the stickers.


“The stick comes with Virtua Fighter 5 themed stickers to fully customise your Fighting stick to stand out from the crowd.”

Hi guys!

I just bought the stick at my local gamestop.
Luckly, I haven’t opened it. And I have 28 days left if I want to return it.
I’m deciding wether to keep it, sell it or return it.

My questions (if you guys can help out) are,

  1. How easy is it to mod? Is the same as the DOA stick?

  2. How “good” is it out of the box?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Just bought this stick and having problems on trying to get it to work on MAME. Windows recognizes the stick and installs the proper drivers. When going to Control Panel-> Game controllers, the buttons/stick register and whatnot. However, it will not work on MAME.

Any help regarding this issue?

EDIT: NM. Got it to work. JoyToKey works perfectly :wgrin:

All the stores in the Boston area had no clue what I was talking about I will have to call again tomorrow. I really want one of these for Hyper Fighting.

joy to key doesnt work with mine but

cps3 works and mugen works xD

i cant get kawaks to work though. ill test joy to key again

For some reason, its showing the joystick as the hat switch, but the x and y axises are not show in the control panel. When going to a game, say AB, the game doesn’t read the hat switch and continues to scroll upwards because of the missing axises. If there was something to map the hat switch to the x and y axises, that will solve the problem most of us have.

search for the fix for the doa4 stick, it’s probably the same, and involves XBCD Drivers, i’ll try to find the full instructions later.

XBCD drivers will not work for the stick. The computer recoginzes the stick at the Fighting Stick EX2 and forces the download of the microsoft drivers. But when you try to install the XBCD drivers, it won’t let you.

Choose the preferences tab and checkmark the hat switch. Worked for me.

What do you mean?

If this stick is exactly the same as the DoA4 stick, then you should be fine with this:

Just tried that, it won’t work for this stick because it identifies it as the Fighting Stick EX2, and not the DOA4 stick or a xbox 360 controller. The drivers just won’t match.

Just bought one of these and modded it with a real Sanwa JFL. It was a total pain in the ass. #1 you have to used a dremel to make it fit. #2 the Sanwa is to tall on the inside for the hori case so I had to dremel the end of the Sanwa shaft about 1/8" (sparks everywhere :rofl:) and slightly ballpin hammer the metal cover so the Sanwa wouldn’t rub the base plate.
#3 you can’t used one common ground for the joystick which means you have to cut the connections from the Sanwa PCB for each ground and solder a separate ground for each direction. #4 I didn’t even try to replace the buttons because the hori PCB is directly soldered on top of the buttons with out any wires making it no fun to rewire.
Anyway… happy modding!

i want to put some artwork on mine.

are here any templates for the DOA/VF5 sticks?

man i bought one of these today… and i cant get anything to work.

when i let the wizard search for it i get a message saying cannot install beacuse the wizard cant find the software. so i have no drivers for it. and someone help me out cuz i just wanna play with it on my PC i dont care about xbox that much.

For the people having problems: Try using Xpadder:

yeah i cant use that program either
my problem is i dont have a driver for the game pad so my PC wont do anything with it but have it as a device.

some people got the driver automatically. does anyone have a downloadable version… i tried google for an hour or so then grew tired.

for the official driver,
just tell it what system you are running and junk and it’ll give you a D/L link.

edit cause Imma nub

i give up this stick is so dumb… my friend had a doa stick and that was plug and play. i dont know whats so different about this junk but man im returning it.

Yo this would be the shit! if it had two buttons!