New Xbpx 360 BC update is out today 07/12/2007

Only on Xbox Live, not on the website yet, no list of fixes or updates…I just popped in SFAC and it prompted me for a download. I’m in North America.

I’m busy testing out stuff now, can anyone else try Marvel and CvS2 and Guilty Gear and other stuff?

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Works

Marvel has Massive, massive sprite glitching. Shit, I shouldn’t post while I’m juat watching the intro attract screen.

I don’t know if I would call Marvel playable.

Apparently Guilty Gear also works. I can’t find my copy so I can’t test it personally.

GG works. I only messed around for a few minutes, but I haven’t seen any glitches or bugs pop up.

Thanks for the information. Im crossing my fingers CVS2 works also.

It be nice to not have to rely on my old xbox.

Also did they fix KOF 2002/2003?

I don’t think 2003 would even boot and 2002 was glitched with giant pixels etc.


CvS2 does NOT work unfortunately. And they did not fix SFAC after all and they have not fixed KOF 2002/2003

What was wrong with SFAC?

Can’t wait till the list is out on what was added.

It be nice they fixed those games mentioned.

I find it odd that you made the same typo here and on NeoGAF. Useful, yet disappointing, information none the less.

Here’s the list,

Is MvC2 online?

Guilty Gear works. No visible emulation glitches so far…

Yes, Morrowind is on the list. Yay!

Any self-respecting man/woman should definitely show Outrun 2006 some love.

Both the Otogis are still not BC… :frowning:

does anybody play GG online? Add me to your xbox live friends list and we can get some games in.

Third Strike in SFAC has slowdown when characters high jump and sprite glitching in the backgrounds.

Jet Set Radio Future!!! I hope this time the sega gt/jsrf works…

To keep on topic, is a shame that M vs C 2 is hard to find, anyway i got it on Dreamcast and two times so don’t really care to much but i’m glad that all those who only got it on Xbox1 now can play.

god, when can we play CVS2 on 360???

Why is it surprising? Clearly I copied/pasted the post to save time dude. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was anyone else required to download a patch on SF:AE? Just curious if I had missed something in the past few weeks or if this patch was something required by the BC update.

JSRF combo is confirmed to work. SFAC has not been fixed and MvC2 has major problems.