New Yang player needs some help

Slightly noobish player here attempting to play Yang, i like the SAIII and so far aren’t too horrible. But i do need some advice on HOW to play yang correctly. I keep trying to bulldog people and it just doesn’t work out to well (Got a bud who plays ken). and i just need some advice on how to go about the whole process… do i back off and wait, or just try to improve my rushdowns?

–Thanks in advance

Well firstly, ditch SAIII and change to SAII. SAIII is quite hard to really get going in my opinion. Yang’s main source of damage come from his EX slashes. His supers are actually rather weak and SAII will provide you with more meter for those slashes.
With the slashes, only do the third slash if it’s going to connect. the first 2 are safe but you leave urself unverable afther the 3rd if it’s blocked.
And if you don’t know, his chain’s are 1)lk, mk, fk and 2) mp, fp, <- + fp

whore > slashes all day

Improve your rushdown, don’t go crazy, do it smart. Learn the distance of your dive kicks, land right in front, grab, dive crossup, learn when to do that command throw, and poke out Crouching MK, EX Slashes (Best combo), SA2 gives you plently of bar to use these with. Remember his St.MP, St.LK xx ex slashes as well, and his air combo jumping MK, Dive kick (it can come in handy sometimes).

Read “Yang Everything”

Wrong. Only the first slash is completely safe. You can get reversal SA3’ed by Ken if you do the second slash.

Ok. My mistake then.

Make good use of his teleports. Ie… :lk: :mk: :hk: :dp: :lp: then grab.




eh, only after knockdowns. teleporting out in the open is just too risky. just very sparingly use low foward xx teleport if you are going to teleport when they aren’t knocked down.

should teleport only once in a while, just something they won’t expect

alot of wisdom in this thread

Why not? It’s just like Ibuki’s or Dudley’s and when your opponent gets used to it use :mk: teleport to whiff then :d: :hk:, and I forgot to mention it’s best do that in the corner… but don’t just knock somebody’s suggestion without reason, this is how I play Yang and I don’t loose often.

Also, when opponent is in the corner use :qcb: :3p: upon wakeup to fake and then come up for grab, :r: :mk:, or :d: :mk: -> :qcf: :hp: 3x… or don’t fake, it makes it very confusing if you know how to work it.


Wow. Just… wow. Let’s take another example of what you just said: Akuma has an air fireball. Ibuki has air Kunais, which is like a fireball in the air. So obviously, Ibuki’s air kunais should be just as good as Akuma’s air fireballs. You fail. :tdown:

Yang’s teleport isn’t safe at all. It’s got huge startup and recovery. So you can get hit any time Yang is visible.

Dudley’s can go under fireballs with his duck under, and he can cancel into a move or super. And the startup & recovery is pretty fast. Yang can’t cancel into shit.

I don’t play Ibuki at all, so I can’t say much about her teleport properties. All I vaguely remember is that it also starts up and recovers a lot faster.

Oh, here’s another counterexample for you: I play Remy with SA3. Something I do on wakeup is to do cr.jab, UOH, SA3, becuase people will try to hit me. This is how I play Remy, and I don’t lose often either. So obviously, my Remy is top-tier, and this is a great, reliable tactic that everyone should be using. :tup:

So your point is that I’m stupid and don’t know what I’m talking about…

Saying that I don’t loose often implies that the tactics I use works. Please don’t exaggerate what I write it just makes everybody look dumb.

Ibuki’s air kunai’s are just as effective as Akuma’s air fireball, they are just used differently and my point is that Yang teleport is similair to Ibuki’s or Dudley’s teleport becuase you don’t know where his next position will be. His teleport can go through fireballs although it’s not very useful to do that. It’s not a good idea to teleport into people, teleporting is not an attack but it can be used offensively… nevermind…

No, you’ve made that point all by yourself.

My point is that pulling off a win doesn’t mean everything. You can always use random bullshit and win. A scrubbier example would be if someone were to say “I do wakeup Shin Shoryukens, and I don’t lose often.” But thanks for saying that you’re stupid. :tup:

Sure, Ibuki’s air kunais can be useful. But the usefulness of Ibuki’s air kunais is nowhere near to Akuma’s air fireballs. That’s why they have to be used differently. So yes, Yang’s teleport can be useful. But no, it isn’t an offensive tool. You might as well say that walking is an offensive tool, because you can walk backwards to make a person whiff a throw. Yang’s teleports are mainly used for spacing. It doesn’t really matter if they know/don’t know where you’re going to appear if they are capable of attacking. It’s guaranteed that you’re going to be moving forwards. And the recovery gives most people enough time to orient themselves to your position and act accordingly. That’s why most teleports are done when the person is knocked down.

:tup: :tup: :clap:

I don’t disagree, winning doesn’t mean much as far as what I’m eating tomorrow for dinner. But the purpose of games like s3, is to adapt and overcome to your circumstances and ko the mofo. For example, it may not be a good idea to teleport behind Hugo after a knockdown, but then again it might be a good idea because he’s expecting to throw you upon wake-up and if you teleport like your going to be behind him using :mk: or :hk: then he may think to throw you, which leaves him open. You can control randomness with any character you just have to remember your opponent possibilities and have to think outside the box. If you lose because of randomness then you probably have slow reactions or anticipation.

Your right. I’m not because “offensively” doesn’t correctly describe his teleports and my statement. My point then is that they can be used tactfully so that Yang can be put on the offensive.

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His dive kicks can be whiffed or blocked into :hcb: :mk: .

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