New Yang player needs some help

you do realize that even if he whiffs that throw you’re to far away to do anything because you didn’t teleport far enough?

If this was a joke, it wasen’t funny, because I didn’t laugh. And if you were serious, take strakka’s advice.

You guys prolly suck at s3…

WTF is “s3”? No one would know what the hell you are talking about, and there are 3 versions of “s3” if you are meaning to say “Street Fighter 3”.

It’s “3S”, but thanks for playing.

You should try learning Yang before giving out “advice” about playing with him, just an idea.


The persons antagonizing my thesis must not truly possess a general concept of deception and interception at Capcom’s Street Fighter III: Third Strike “Fight for the Future”, thus making them incompetent and show ill-minded feelings toward my advice.

I bet if I said something like, “learn to anticipate your opponents anticipations”, ParryPerson would respond “stfu scrub, your an idiot because you make typos”.


No. I think that everyone says that becuase your advice is garbage.

Whiffing a divekick into a command grab is basic. You might as well tell a Ken player that they can connect SA3 from

If you connect a divekick, you’re not going to have the opportunity to command grab the other person because they’ll recover before you hit the ground. GGPO.

If they block a divekick, they’re going to be in blockstun, and the command grab will whiff. GGPO.

If they’re not in blockstun, they can retaliate before you recover from the divekick. GGPO.

YOU probably suck because you think that advice like this is SO useful that it’s worth posting.

Today’s topic: theory

i peaced out team n.carolina at ECC9, i sucked back then and i still suck, everyone go kill themselves now, end of thread

A New Tip From JiBbo!

Or! You can fake the dive kick and use ex torou zan. Either way works just fine but mix 'em up.

Shut the fuck up.

Please shut the fuck up.

Dear god in heaven why don’t you just shut the fuck up.

I told you to learn to use Yang before giving “advice”.

I’m out, at least new Yang users will know not to listen to your horrible “advice”.

JiBbo: My Yang against your Yang at EVO for $200. You game?

Anyways. My first advice to new players is to learn how to control the stick. Without proper stick control, you’ll never be able to play without getting owned anyway. (I should know :D)

Yang’s base strategies revolve around knockdowns leading into mix’d up EX slashes. Slashes can be linked off of c.lp (x3), (x2, timing is tricky to link two lks together and not always worth it), close,, and close s.hp (cancel 1st hit into slashes).

Teleports work as okay mindgames after knockdown, but lk tele’s are best because the close the distance – mk and hk teles are useful only for attempting placement games, and even then they’re only really good for baiting DPs. Not worth it.

Divekick games are great but you have to continually reassess and retime divekick angles. Not for beginning players.

I could think up other stuff, but I’m too scrubby + lazy.

Yes, but no cause I can’t. No job, no car, no money.

and appartently no yang

Heh, that was acually pretty funny.

Too bad it’s true.

Not gonna get far without a gd Yang

Let’s get back on discussion.

Anyone have any questions?

Sure, I got a question.

If my Yang is bad, then why am I the only one with tactics?

JiBbo has more!

His close range mk can be cancelled into a superjump.

If it is blocked, try super jumping over and cross with backwards :lk: dive kick.

If not blocked, follow w/ super jump w/ :mk: dive :mk:. Time it so that the mk dive does not connect so that Yang reaches the ground first, giving you pre-emptive choice.



I thought we all told you to stop posting? Go learn Yang, and some English while you’re at it.

And the reason why no one else is posting your quality “tactics” is becuase everything you wrote has been known since 2003. And everything’s already posted in the Yang Everything thread. You should probably read it.

And SJC’ing has been known forever. Good job on posting even more obvious crap in your attempt to look like you’re decent. DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN COMBO MP, FP, B+FP INTO SA2? W0W! I R TEH ROXX0RZ!!!