New York Comic Con - New York, Jacob Javits Center - Feb 8th

Aight folks, here its quick lowdown

Aksys Games / ARC System Works Official Blazblue Tournament (East Coast Style)

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Feb 8th, sign ups start at 10AM with tournament beginning at 1pm
Top 3 winners gets hooked up with Aksys and Arc System stuff and maybe even some loot.

After this, we’ll take tournament back to West Coast and do the grand finals at EVO 2009!

There’s another big tournament going on this day that was announced further back. Bumping for the game, though.

I’ll try and be there~

how much does it cost to get in this?

just one game? can you add some other stuff there too like hdremix and cvs2?? I wanna play something…havent been to ANY tourney in like a year or some shit :bluu:

wtf is this blazeblu…I am gonna check online now and maybe try to learn it overnight lol…


Seriously, no one will be able to make it on Saturday, at all.

It?s going to be a 1 day tournament, single elimination on Saturday at 1pm.

Prices are as follows:
Weekend passes are $50
Friday passes are $30
Saturday passes are $40
Sunday passes are $30

thanks aksys, for fucking me out of 30 dollars and i skipped sinsation to do this!

how many peeps actually bought the sun ticket? If a lot did, I can switch to Sunday. This was my fault not reading the days right. If a lot of you guys did buy Sunday passes, I have no problem running it on sunday instead of sat.

I bought a sunday ticket, if its better to hold it saturday and you can personally just remedy the situation for whoever bought their tickets, I don’t see the problem. I’m just frustrated because you guys made a really menial mistake that otherwise messes with someone along the line.

I bought a weekend pass, but I have to work Saturday 8am-4pm, not to mention other things. Had I known the dates earlier, I could have changed my schedule so I’d work on Sunday instead. If you need my ticket info, I’ll give it to you.

Hey Guys, just wanted first apologize for any mistake the tournament time and date may have caused. There was just a mix up on the dates so I wanna first apologize, 2nd I wanna know how many actually were planning to attend Sunday’s original date. If there’s a enough of you that were planning to come, I can either move the tourney back to Sunday or I can have two tournaments, Sat and Sun to compensate for the confusion. Or if the demand is not big enough on sunday, whoever bought tickets to just come to the tournament, swing on the booth and I’ll glad work something out for you, either hook you up with some or whatever.

Again, my apology on this, last thing I want to do is mess with the community that feeds the game we’re trying to bring to the US. My bad folks.

And I wanna put it out that I really did not know about the other bigger tourney that EC that is happening as well, believe me if I knew, I would’ve said forget it and changed the date…

ill be there!!!

yo aksys guy, i sent you a second pm.

feel free to run it on saturday i guess.