New York - Super Turbo Results - 6.28.08

SSF2T @ Chinatown Fair
13 Entrants

  1. JustinW (Vega, O.Ken, Barlog, Chun, O.Sagat)
  2. FlashG (Vega, Ryu, O.Sagat, O.Guile)
  3. Damdai (Zangief, Ryu)
  4. Chris Doyle (Chun)
  5. Jeron (Chun, O.Sagat, Vega)
  6. Julian Robinson (Vega, Blanka, DJ)

Thank you to everyone who entered! Competition was really fierce. Great to see Julian Robinson and Josh @ RashReflection visit from out of state!

:pray:Jwong…nohoho you should post 4 and 5th

Yeah it’s so tough to keep him from setting the pace of the fight.


get em julian

justin, c u soon cutey

That’s more than last time at least! I still can’t do motions on those sticks for shit.

**And this is what I’ve missed thanks to working overtime… (sigh)…

Now, I’ve gotta train even harder for the next tourney hopefully in July.

Then again, I have to save $$$ for SNK Nationals this August…

Grr…Sacrifices had to be made…Now, I’m paying for it…!



damdai @ youtube hooooooooooooo~

Some EC OG’s in attandance. :wow:

I’m really sorry I missed out now. :sad:

Thanks for the vids damdai! :rock:

hehehe come on Nohooho, dont let those young bucks get you. You too Damdai. OGs FO LIFE!!! heheh goood showing though. Im glad EC (and wong) are getting hyped for ST. Hey Wong, you think u are finally ready for Sim or what man? I promise not to throw to much foo hehehehe.


ps: is there only that one vid up so far of Wongs old ken vs nohoho’s blanka? Everything else I see are from like a month ago.


It’s tough when people are yelling about Marvel or Third Strike while our shit is going on though. Genei-jin chants are THE WORST!

For videos, try this link instead:

I knocked flash into the losers and fought justin in the winner’s final. I gave it away at that point. About 5 ridiculous game winning errors. I blame the stick!

Link was bad. This is correct one:

When’s the next tourney? C’mon nohoho, don’t drop the ball!

damn maybe I should have went down saturday

unless you can play on shitty 360s, no reason to really go. I am glad to see that people are coming out for ST though. You should all go to the TGA ranbat that is the week before EVO for some last minute practice (and to get your butts whupped my me, of course).

justin wong! POKEMON CHAMPION!!