New York - Super Turbo Results - 6.7.08

SSF2T @ Chinatown Fair
7 Entrants

  1. Nohoho (Blanka)
  2. Chris Doyle (Chun)
  3. Arturo ‘Sabin’ Sanchez (Dhalsim)
  4. David Doyle (Ryu)

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Chucked the solo 3on concept for the sake of celerity.

We might have had another player or two but when I saw no Melty casuals at CF I figured they cancelled because of the heat so didn’t try to track them down. Sorry Zaelar.

sorry i didn’t post the results I got home really late after the tourney and i saw that u already did it

Good job Fred!

FREEED! :wow:

Come to the next TGA tourney, there will be lots of ST action.

Liston - Thanks for getting the ball rolling. Me and Nick are kind of iffy as promoters.

Cap - Thanks man!

Nestor - TGA vs. CF (vs. UP) SFIV team battles!!!

Fuck Dhalism.

I hate Super Turbo forever.


Congrats to the top placers. Were any matches recorded?

The MB players were in the park having our tournament where we usually do.

Burn painfully.

Deezo - Nah, too bad cause the fratelli fracas was fantastic.

Zaelar - Another one next month!? With SF4 coming out in August it seems like that could be the last chance for the time being.

I meant for the next ST ranbat at TGA, being before the SF4 release. I plan to have direct feed + commentary.

To Hohono: I heard that both Fletch Goldstein and Curtis Allegra will be in attendance :tup:

Are you THE Jms?

Nestor - Right I knew what you meant I was just throwing an idea out there. I’d like to see more regional action for any game… like, say NY+PA vs. MA @ SSF2T…

What day is the next tga event?

JMS - Hmm that reminds me I need to preregister Thierry Legrand for MWC. Also: NY+PA vs. MA? Kyle said in the other thread that he wants a crack at Brian…

My will be done, I am.

(Someone told me there’s a JMS on the west coast that plays Tekken.)

Thierry Legrand was my roommate sophmore year at university. He kept leaving his shit all over the room, so I left a dead rat in his backpack.

I’m in for a regional event :tup: I’m not sure if anyone told Kyle about Brian’s special cabinet yet. He’s got a sonic boom button.

SF4, ST whatever else, im down to make a regional showdown happen. Anticipate the next one for late July, alot of people here have started playing ST again so it would be a shame not to have you at the next one… and jms too. Should be good Evo practice for whoever is going.