New York - Super Turbo Results - 7.12.08

SSF2T @ Chinatown Fair
Solo 3on3
8 entrants

  1. Chris Doyle (Chun, Chun, Chun)
  2. Arturo (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Vega)
  3. Damdai (Zangief, Ryu, O.Sagat)
  4. NH2 (Blanka, Blanka, O.Ryu)
  5. Gbursine (Chun, Chun, O.Fei)
  6. Rahsaan (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Dhalsim)
  7. Crackanomics (Guile, Ryu, O.Sagat)
  8. Vizard (Vega, Vega, Ryu)

Thank you to everybody who entered!

Also thanks to various local guys who helped with my little blog project.

Haiku time:

the fangs are so sharp

cha n ko na be all day

where’s anti shoto?

YES!..last…YES! LOL.

Heh. I got last place at the previous tourney. We got few people, you know, but shit is really tough.

BTW battery didn’t last long but Damdai caught a couple videos I think. Chris vs. Rahsaan was really great. Dhalsim psychic jumping medium kicks. Chun Li vertical jump -> throw sleaze. Very nice.

wow, i just jumped on the forums to see when this event was because i was bored and thinking of going regardless of arcade controls.

and it was yesterday.

for me, it was Saturday.


Im on that ST hardbody the game is to fun.
Nohoho-wassup homie:karate:

wtf did you say?

i watch both seasons of the boondocks and i have no idea what hardbody means…

I got lasterest.

You should ask my brother Lesean Thomas when you get a chance what hardbody means.

a late ty nohoho, for giving me incentive for getting my ass up there. good to meet damdai too. I hope to come back late summer/fall. Ima be rushed down by family for the next few weeks.

& herro zaelar. I haven’t seen you in forever mang ^_^;

**Gone, but not out. Had to take care of some other shit in the meantime.

Don’t worry, Riz0ne and I were practicing weeks b4 via Polytech w/ some other

Something came up in the last minute last Saturday and couldn’t make it.

Otherwise, PM me for the next tourney so we can have the Blanka/Honda matches again.


Justin wong!

Cokemon champion

That’s definitely good to hear. Looking forward to more beastly NYC footage. Good to see people still reppin ST. Congrats to the top placers.

Hahah, dude this is why you rock so much. :bgrin: