New YouTube Channel

I’ve created a new YouTube channel [COLOR=#336699][SIZE=12px][FONT=tahoma] . I have a HD recorder now so all videos will be in HD, I also have Cody tutorials in the works so subscribe to this channel. My old channel will most likely be deleted.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

Subscribed. You had amazing stuff in the other channel, make sure the videos don’t go to waste.

good shit, saw your last video and already got me to sub :slight_smile: Whats your old page? are there any other setups there that you havent transfered over to the new one?

My old page is there’s a few things I haven’t redone so check it out for now until I record them in HD.

Packz, your Cody tech is sick lol. Wish I lived closer to London, so I could come to the arcade there. There is just nothing in Leicester lol, I need to expose EVERYONE in the UK with my Cody xD.

Btw, good matches against F-Word at WSO. Good Ibuki’s are so irritating for Cody lol.

Lol thanks, I still have loads more technology that I haven’t uploaded yet, I’ve told the top UK heads but I haven’t shown the world xD. I will be uploading tutorials and stuff soon so I’ll reveal it then. F-Word is just super solid and yes Ibuki is annoying to deal with especially when they have players like F-word playing them.

nice channel i subbed, good stuff, some of that stuff is more useful then others, also against bison, you should do a tutorial against how to OS ultra 2 against ex physco crusher its very useful and i actually able to land it on high level bisons, just finished playing a set with mashdatdp’s bison and he was impressed how many times i could bait him and punish it

I’ll be covering the best punishes against common unsafe moves in a later video, so I’ll keep that in mind. Also, did you OS it on wakeup or did you bait it and punish it’s recovery? because you can’t OS EX Psycho Crusher but you can punish it.

You should definitely cover Makoto, when she locks you in the corner she just needs to OS you all day and you can’t get out lol. I used to expose Makoto hard in Super… :frowning:

my fault i didn’t mean OS its just a bait and punish what i do is after a back throw i go in for my safe jump and block and most of the time they fall into the trap and ex pc and then i react to ultra 2,


I always use your stuff in my fights! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Cody beginner tutorial is up. Have a look:

GJ, can’t wait for the advanced :slight_smile:

Good stuff, looking forward to the other tutorials as well.

Honestly, great stuff. Really well done! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for next Tuts