New Yun user...



Hey I’m a new Yun user, and I have been reading the threads for a bit now.

I have one question

After LP, LK, MP chain, what do I do to lift the opponent? do i activate GJ right after the MP? or do I do something else first? I can’t seem to be able to lift my opponent in battle.

my main fights are against, makoto, dudley and alex.


123 geneijin st mp followed by medium shoulder then figure somethin out


yes someone please help me too
i am ok with doing a combo after connecting with 123
but i just can’t seem to launch the person up and he always have room to hit me when im in genjin, i see on youtube videos, there’s no space for them to move most of the time until the combo is over. help!!


Its actually jab shoulder

After 123 Genei Jin. Do st medium punch, then forward fierce

that should get them in the air
visit the genei jin thjread for more info


Since when do you use jab shoulder in GJ?


I thought he meant the chain before genei jin