Newb : a big from from SSBB

hellow there :] so in general im from the smash bros community. never placed high in nationals but always did pretty good top 7 and well it was lack of time. now that im in college my semester is easy and i get to play this game a lot. my friend recommended it and i baught a stick for the ps3. im really liking the game. its SO much different then smash. but it makes you appreciate the skill so much more. the deph of the combos and the strict timing lets u beat any button masher.

so what tips would you guys recommend going from a fighting game like brawl with no dial-a-combos to something like this game with intense zoning, assisters, and other variables. where should i start? lol should i even start to master anything? i pick up quite fast i did my first online match and went 3-1 before i got scared some pro was gonna jump in and ruin my record lols. this game is way too fun, ive never tried so hard to get good at something. and where would i find players in my area ( nj/ny? )

thanks all. add me to psn if ud like pm me and maybe show me a couple things - crizthakidd

Regional Matchmaking

Joke? This is practically where you will find the best players in the nation/world. Look at Atlantic North in matchmaking at the bottom of the page, you will sure be able to find some meet ups and locals there.

And coming from smash is a VERY big transition, try to take it slow and look at some of the stickies that Hecatom posted.

P.S. Embrace training mode, love it, spend all day there. I don’t exactly know how to explain the set-ups and such so hopefully, these will help.