Newb combo timeing question

This is rather frustrating for me to type out, as it is for you to read, so bear with me.

Akuma’s down+MK->Hurricane kick->Uppercut and its variants (>c.lp, etc.) have never given me any trouble in any other game it’s appeared in, primarly SFA3. But, god damn, I can’t hit the uppercut but 25%of the timefor the life of me. Maybe I’m just not used to 3S’s system, but is there a specific timeing I’m supposed to input the DP? is it right after the second kick hits, or after he’s landed, or DURING the second kick, or what? I can’t find consistant results at all, and it’s fairly annoying.

I apologize for the newbish sounding question, and apperciate any and all help. Thanks.

just use the lk version of hurricane kick.

I think you are doing the instead of the The medium is much harder to connect the dp. Also using the medium… some chars must be hit with m.dp and some must be hit with h.dp. AND using medium you must not start the combo from to far away if you want to land the dp… does have its advantages though.

can anyone post what chars need m.dp or h.dp? Don’t know off hand.

I was using the medium hurricane, I had no idea there was even a juggle variation between the two. This is intresting! I’ll defiantly use lk now… hrmm. What is it exactly that causes this discrepncy? Is it the height the opponet is launched out, how long it takes Akuma to land, etc? Because it DOES work, just… fairly inconsistantly.

Thanks for the help. :tup:

Hey just remember that sometimes the lk isn’t the answer. If you are fighting a shorter char it will whiff if they are ducking so don’t use it unless you have a clear setup.