Newb FAQ

hey guys, perhaps someone would be kind enough to write an FAQ on the basic terms and stuff used in the forums… ehe, i for one have been looking, and the various stuff (like charge partitioning etc.) are pretty spread out. it might help eliminate a lot of noob posts like ‘wat does kara mean?’… :tup:

I thought it’s been done before?

Anyways, off the top of my head:

Kara- Literally “empty”. Cancelling a normal into a special before the normal’s hitframes come out. Used to increase range of attacks. (Only exception to this is Makoto’s Kara-Karakusa)
UOH- Universal Overhead. Done by pressing mp+mk together.
Charge Buffering- To begin charging while performing another move.
Charge Partitioning- Breaking up a single charge into separate segments.
Unblockable- A setup that makes it impossible to block your way out of the situation. (Parrying and other methods of escape do not count)

Is there anything else?

uhmm… wat does IIRC mean? (i tend to associate IRC -> chat)

If i recall correctly, it means… what I just said.

another acro: what dooes GGPO meaan? thnx =)

^Not 100% sure, but I think it means Good Game Peace Out.

Newb FAQ:

Stick to one character, and unless you want to spend 10 times more money than other players, choose within the top 6 or 7 ranked characters.

Learn the ranges, pushback, and other properties of each normal move of your character. Learn at what ranges your moves can hit at maximum range, learn if you can create short random mixup strings utilizing your normal move pushback, UOH, command moves and dash.

Practice your ass off, if you don’t often play comp, then play against the CPU on max difficulty, it helps you become familiar with your character, and helps with learning at what ranges some of the other characters can hit you at. You can also use the CPU to do basic zoning. But if you want any real improvement you will have to play someone else near your skill level. Forget about the ranking the game gives you, it basically measures how well you’ve memorized the computer patterns.

Don’t become obsessed with parrying, work on your basic game first, people who parry 5% of the time can beat players who parry 50% of the time just because they spent more time working on their basics than practicing parry buffers into super link on reaction.

muskau: great tips man! :tup:

Newb question<-

Hello, I got the game today. Let me tell u, it is frustrating. I turned it on Max Diffculty, whew farest I got was third stage,and I haven’t found a character I really like =\ if you could help me out on two things I’d apperciate it. 1st, Parrying is it a good strategy to do a decent bit, how offten do you have to do it, and when you parry then u come back with a fast move or something… like say some one grapped ur arm in a fight they have ur arm o.O they could say… break it or something lol bad example. ^.^ Is there anything like that? 2nd What character should I use, and is this game all about poking? Thx :encore:

Turn DOWN the difficulty seeting first. You’re not going to learn much about the game when an SRK takes out 1/3 of your health.

Training mode is your friend.

Picking a character: Uhh… go experiment around with them. You’ll develop a feel for which characters you like. Or you could just pick Ken.

Parrying: It’s not a “get out of jail free card”, as it sometimes seems to be. If you parry high, you lose to a low hit. If you parry low, you lose to a high hit. If you parry, you automatically lose to a throw. But sometimes, parrying is your only option. (eg. Ryu SA3, Urien unblockables) Not to say that parrying’s useless, but be smart about it.

3s = pokefest?
Only for some characters. For them, hit confirming some supers is key. (Ken SA3, Chun SA2, I hate Chun.) But then, other characters rely on setups. (Oro SA2, SA3, Urien SA3, Yun SA3, whatever) It really depends on the character.

this game is all about using your characters to their full potential. and that means knowing your normal moves, and using them well. you can’t possibly hope to go about winning by just whoring a particular move, be it special or whatever (except prolly if you’re using the embodiment of all things bitchy: chunli :rolleyes:). 3s is a game which makes you think.

mindgames is law of the land. :karate:

^Exactly what he said.

Play urien. I have seen the light… It’s all about the power of aegis…

what strakka said
just pick a character and get familair with him or her
and then get down & dirty and get some combo’s into that character
then after u pull off some decent moves or combo’s
then just play normal(rather easy) get use to it
and when you ready just play on highest difficulty
highest i got when i started on all difficulty was 5th stage
and yes it is frustrating sometimes but hey it happens
but in the end you will love owning the oppenent that made you mad the whole time
now arent u happy wanna cookie?

Playing on a lower difficulty is a good idea for getting a feel for how the game works (dashing, throws, overheads, basic parrying etc), or if you just want to play for fun and dont really care too much about winning(theres nothing wrong with that at all).

If you wanna take this game seriously (and keep in mind you shouldnt take it TOO seriously, some people on this site really surprise me Ill put it that way lol) , Id put the difficulty up to stars ASAP. The reason? Simple. Any person whos half decent at the game will be more of a challenge than the computer on 8 stars (save Akuma and Gill, and even they get predictable ). 8 stars is cake in my opinion, simply because the computer is the computer, it leaves openings for you in absurd places that a human wouldnt (example: just do the spinning Bird Kick with Chun, HAH!).

Each computer character has a pattern that youll catch on to as you play more and more, so naturally , once you learn the patterns, the computer will tremble before your might. Might as well make it as tough as possible.

Sorry if Im not making much sense Im really tired, enjoy the game! Thats what games are about anyways.

I’m not even really sure if the AI gets any better when you add more stars in 3S, it just seems to me that you get less life, and they get more.

the AI just learns to fucking block with eight stars.


is d , df , f , d , df , f + attack

remember kids !! it’s not d , df , f , d , df , f , attack …

press attack together with f …

the AI learns how to parry
but they rarely do
8 stars aint nothing compared to real life matches