Newb friendly characters for SSF4

I figure some characters are harder to learn than others. Which are easy? Which are hard? Are charge or command characters easier to learn first?

I’m looking for a character to learn the ropes on. I’d rather not play Ken/Ryu/Akuma but I’m guessing one of those three are the newb friendliest.

Akuma’s not really all that newbie-friendly. He can do many of the same BASIC links and combos as Ken/Ryu, but in order to do real damage you have to learn more involved juggles and stuff like fancy ways to buffer Raging Demon…and if you make a mistake with Akuma, you pay a much steeper lifebar cost.

Bison and Blanka are both fairly easy characters to pick up and play, in that they have both relatively simple combos and a fairly simple strategic interface. They’re kinda two sides of the same coin, where Bison relies more on safe pressure and poking, Blanka relies more on crossup trickery and fakeouts into throw knockdown (which set up or continue his shenanigans).

Balrog is probably even easier than the above two to play, as he has more reliable ways to land Ultra I off of similarly simple combos, as well as some good option selects, good normals, and disgusting tick-throw setups. All three of the above characters have a decent amount of life/stun so you can afford to be a little sloppy when learning how they play.

Of the fancy new characters, Dee Jay and Cody are probably the easiest to pick up and play; they both have some easy links into combos (Cody’s c. LP, c. MP has GOT to be the EASIEST jab-strong link in the entire game) and decent life and zoning ability in exchange for some deficiency on wakeup (and Cody’s slow-ass walk speed). Most of the others are more offensive-minded with higher execution and strategic barriers to overcome.

As for charge vs. command…speaking from MY experience, I’d say charge characters are probably easier to learn in general, because they tend to get easy-linking/strong poking normals in exchange for having to put up with charge time, which tends to simplify most of their BASIC combos (stuff like c. LP, c. LP, c. LK xx special), as well as decent mobility to make it worth abandoning charge. It also seems much easier to learn how to manage charge time so that you can more easily turn semi-random hits into a quick combo since the dexterity barrier is lower (you hold back and/or down, you hit buttons, if you see them hitting in a favorable way, you whip to forward and/or up + button[s]); you don’t have to worry quite so much about panicking and cancelling/not cancelling into a special move at the right time because you weren’t prepared to do the motion.

abel and gief

Try Juri.

anyone but Gen

DeeJay is effin awesome and Adon is cool but, he’ll be work

Pick a character YOU think is cool and put some time into him/her. Also,

From my experience, if you’re playing on a pad, choose a command character.
If you’re on stick, charge characters are easier to learn first, due to reasons stated above.

Take with lots of salt because my experience has nothing to do with yours. Your mileage will be different.

Balrog is the easiest character to learn and win games with.

I know the ultimate character is picking one that I like. I’d like to pick a character that is also relative to my skill level, which is noob at this point. I’ve been playing around with all sorts of characters, one really hasn’t stuck yet. I’ve mostly played Blanka, Guile and Gief so far. All seem pretty cool but all also have their weaknesses.

I do know when I play Blanka I focus too much on his charge/special moves and hardly any attention to his normals

Blanka has some nasty jumping attacks, try using them more. If you want to become more well rounded, then you could try to learn a versatile character like Ryu or try and improve a specific element of your game by picking a character that focuses on it, such as Dhalism to improve zoning or C.Viper to improve your execution and mix up game.

I’m probably committing blasphemy as another n00b giving advice to a n00b but…here’s what works out best for me, personally.

I tried my hand at Guile and Chun Li just starting out but found about a year later when trying Ken/Sakura that it was much easier to link combos because you weren’t relying so heavily on predicting your charges…which if you’re new, timing is key, and linking with an immediate command (anything quarter-circle, basically) is much easier to start with–not that charge characters are super difficult but I had/have a much easier time as a n00bie with characters like Ken, Sakura, Ryu, and Dan.

Now that SSF4 is out, I’ve also developed an affinity for Cody…but he’s technically not shoto ^_~ at least I don’t think so. Still easy to use, IMO, and not hard on the eyes either, ha-cha-cha-cha-cha.

It’s also worth noting that I started out with a pad playing charge characters which was a pain (as a rookie, anyway) and then switched to shotos. Now I have a stick and charges are gravy–so also take into account what you’re playing with.

I’d like to add Dictator/M.Bison to the list. I don’t think he has any super difficult practical combos or links. I don’t think there is anything really difficult to learn about Bison, I think good players know how to play him on the side regardless of whether they’ve ever picked him up or not.

Yes, as a new player he should play Dhalsim and C. Viper. lol

In all fairness, Dhalsim is a great character to learn spacing with.
Doesn’t have a reversal you can mash out. Has to deal with stuff using his varied array of normals, and he doesn’t have big damage, easy-link combos. Advanced Dhalsim play relies on this, getting reaction + execution up, and outhinking the other person.

I wouldn’t touch Viper unless I was at least 110% confident in my execution. Akuma, Seth, Ibuki, Makoto, possibly Abel for that matter as well.

Funny no one’s mentioned Rufus yet; he’s still got his 101million ways to link into ultra I, and he’s got a good pressure game. Plus, he doesn’t rely on fireballs if that’s not your thing. He encourages you to improve execution and stay away from holding down-back. His Ultra II is somewhat useful if you’re having trouble with fireballs.

In my honest opinion, Honda is a great character is to pick up as a beginner. I can win consistently simply by using neutral jumping fierce and standing roundhouse, and combos are as simple as j. roundhouse, c. medium, l. headbutt. Hundred hand slap is great and easy to execute pressure, as is the oicho throw. The only thing to look out for is jump-ins, his main weakness in my opinion.

Juri is hands down the easiest. Ryu, Ken and Sagat follow

Super Just came out over here in the UK today. I’m quickly discovering that Makoto is hard as balls to play. But I want to play Makoto so I’m just going to stick at it. You should pick a character you like and just roll with him/her.

I am a noob myself… but I picked up SSIV yesterday and starting pushing through the trials for characters to see how they feel, and I’d have to say I had the easiest time, and most fun with Dudley. Blanka was a close second in terms of ease of execution.