Newb from ATL GA

prolly not the right place to put this but anways
im new to the whole fight stick thing just bought my first fight stick bout 3 days ago and i love it. i searched google for custome sticks and came across this site

right now i have a Hori Fight Stick Ex2

just orderd the other day

3x Sanwa obsf-30 red
3x sanwa obsf-30 white/black
GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate
Cherry switches
sanwa ball top-red

i was told that sanwa was the way to go as far as moding my fightstick. but i will deff be posting pics on my build

once i get all the parts in im going to paint it flat black not sure what typ of design i want to go with…still searching for templates to go with my theme…

Thats cool man! Wish you good luck with the mod and hope you have fun. Theres a couple of threads about modding EX2s and you should search for them and read up.

P.S. What fighting games do you play?

i’ve always been a big tekken fan but ever since sf4 came out i’ve been playing that alot .actully i fell off for a month or so cause i got tired of playing sf4 on the carptastic xbox remote .untill recently i picked up my fight stick and now i prolly play 1-2 hours of sf more then anything…im trying to get into mvc2 but didnt realize how hard it is online. but other then that just tekken,sf,and mvc2

I want to see your progress too.
Keep update.

I like looking at pictures of process and stuff.

Have fun.

thank you just gotta wait on lizardlick to send mystufff and ill do a detail photo by photo of my progress