newb: help

I’ve been playing street fighter for the longest time ever since it came out. But damn I still suck comparing to the good players of SF3.

I have the following problem, dunno if anyone can gimme some tips

-i’m having trouble parry
-i jump a lot, i dunno how to attack if i dun jump
-i’m having trouble reacting to hits (therefore, I thought it hit and did a super, and then opponent blocks everything, and i get owned
-i can perform combos, but I just dont’ really know when to use them. I mean…in practice mode I can do it of course, but in real games, the opponent moves and jump around like monkeys right, so i dunno how to execute my attacks

Can someone gimme some tips?! I use Ken, Akuma and Dudley most of the time.

  1. Work with he parry trainer. Start with single, slow fireballs. Then faster. Then 3-hit fireballs (akuma) or EX-fireballs. Then supers. Now you have the jist of parrying and how timings work. Now you can work on parrying in real situations (jump-ins, red parrying the last hit of chun’s SAII, etc)

  2. Dash in or bait them to come to you. Watch a lot of videos for this. For Dud, you can use the QCF+K, but never attack and throw or delay then super.

  3. Go to training, set oponent to random block and practice, practice, practice.

  4. I guess you can watch some videos. Learn to punish wiffed attacks or blocked supers. Learn the mixup game, esp. with Akuma and Dudley.

oh ok…thanks, i’ll work on it!

which super art should i choose for each character?

try reading through some of the character specific forums or if you have a few bucks to spend get the SF: Anniversary guide. Its well worth it.

but if you want a quick answer to your question, most (if not all) prefer SAIII for Ken, SAI for Akuma and for Dudley, it depends on playing style.

Throw anytime you get the chance and Shippu everything.

-Jumping is fine, just don’t always attack and you’ll be fine :tup: Like use empty jumps (get ready to parry) and throw, or delay the attack 'till the last possible air second, and you can also dash or use short hurricanes to close distance, that dive kick is awesome for Gouki (Akuma) =P
-For reacting to hits -I’m guessing you mean linking or canceling to supers? Erm, you don’t want to super after 1 hit anyway =P It’s scrubbish, pick up 2-3 hit combos then canceling into them is easy 'cause of the long ass hit confirmation :badboy: Either that or parry, low medium super like everyone else :rolleyes:
-Combos are heaven’s divine punishment, so it’s pretty much used only when the other person is wide open or after a parry. The game is all mix-up pokes until you parry or they mess up and you have a chance at becoming the messenger of death :badboy:

just practice parrying kinda common stuff, like kens fierce dp and what not, you dont have to practice parrying chun li sa2 to be good or anything.

stop jumping so much, and learn a ground game. good players will mess you p if you get predictable with jumps. learn the best ground normals with your characters, and have such a solid ground game that they jump at you, or you can make your jumps pretty unpredictable.

in real games stick to hit confirms and poking unless you get an opening, use your anti airs to stop your opponent from jumping, if they start trying to parry mix it up.

also dont listen to the guy who says throw every time you get. it will get you killed against good players, and is just bad advice period.

good tips from all of y’all so far! thanks

Some of the best advice Ive ever heard for parrying is to not be afraid to do so. Take the risk, it pays off bigtime once you get it. Watch your opponant, play a little with every character just to get an idea of what their pokes are so you know what to expect. And yeah I second the advice of parrying training, do that for a long time, practice VS Akuma and set super meter to maximum, throw SA1 with him and parry it all day lol. Try parrying Uriens SA1 also, and hurricane kicks.