NEWB: Is it possible to dual-mod this?


So I’m working on a custom stick and the pcb issue is proving to be a problem.

I have a Madcatz Wired 360 (late version) pcb, but I own a PS3. And I was hoping that I could dual mod that with my wired PS3 controller. (

Can anyone provide tips as to what I need to do this? Will I need a Toodles Imp V2 Dual Control PCB?

I’m also strapped for cash and won’t be looking to getting a multi-console pcb til later projects.


Make things easier for you. Get a TE Kitty.

Doing a dual mod with an unknown pad will most likely end up costing you more in the long run.


As I said, I’m strapped for cash.

I can check this out for later projects but I’m still hoping someone can help me with this. Maybe just dual modding in general =/

The pad shouldn’t be a problem, just as long as the PCB can work in a stick, which it should… shouldn’t it >.>


If it is a common ground pcb then usually it should. there are a few common ground pcb’s out there that can’t be dual modded for whatever reason.


You will need to test both pcb’s to see if they are common ground. You will then need to assess if you have the skills to hack both pads.

It does not help saying you have a late version of a wired MadCatz pad as some models of these were not common ground.

If you think you can do it then it’s advised to go for some kind of switching device. You can use a DPDT switch (cheapest) or an IMP board (more discreet).


See, thats what I wanted to know, because the imp is always used in the example you are dual modding with madcatz fight pads, now I know it can be used with anything, though I was already kinda sure.

Also, the thing that also concerned me, will I need to neutralize the PS3 PCB? And this being a relatively unknown brand, and also that I have not seen anyone try modding with a wired PS3 controller, I’ll try posting pics and seeing if anyone can assist me.