Newb need help bad

hey all…this is my first time playin umvc3 and im pretty into the character spencer, i was studying the combo thread a lot and i got some of the simple bnb, but when it gets to :l: :m: :h: :s: jcc :qcf::h: i can’t get it to work, i have looked into the combo thread and stark mentioned this

"I updated the OP to note that you have to set up UVGs since I was way too tired of people asking “:l: :m: :h: :s: jcc :qcf::h: does not hit, what do i do”

i am sorry for not understanding but what does he mean by updated the OP and what is UVG? great thx T.T

OP = opening post. UVG = unscaled Vertical Grapple. Check the Spencer combo thread for info on how to hit it reliably.

:eek: If you take some time, you should actually read the information that’s in that post.

Not only will it stop you from asking questions that are already answered there, but it’s really good information and you’ll gain a great deal of knowledge. :smiley:

Don’t just look for the shiny button colors. Please actually read the info in there.

If you wanted to ask about something like that, you could’ve PM’ed me rather making it public, you know :3

But other people have answered this well enough.