Newb Q sorry, OTG gun Question

So is it not possible to OTG relaunch with wesker alone, after an air series? (super jump, m,m,h,s)
I can not connect the Medium after the gun otg…read somewhere its only possible to self relaunch after cobra strike, is this true?? relieve me of my frustrations please haha.

You can’t hit otg relaunch after the air series. I’m not sure but try it with the cobra strike.

You cant relaunch after an air series with Wesker alone. After an Air series you need an assist to be able to relaunch after his OTG gun. The reason why is because it causes to much hit scaling and to much recovery time goes by when they are falling down for Wesker to link after it, thats why you havnt been able to do it. You can only Link after the gunshot for a full combo before 5 wesker hits or an Air throw to put it simply. And to answer your cobra strike question its both a yes and a no. The reason people use cobra strike now is because you can teleport cancel it by mashing L, Which is a new change he received in Ultimate and is why you only saw Weskers OTG gun into a combo after an air throw in Vanilla. Theres a mini cobra strike ground loop he can do with his glasses off that break the 5 hit rule but thats a whole nother topic ;D anyway I hope I cleared some of that frustration for you :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you were able to OTG yourself in Vanilla too.

Only if you xfactor.

Otherwise, you can only combo off OTG gunshot from an air grab or a combo ending with light cobra strike


Or the M command grab. Also, you can OTG relaunch for yourself if you omit some of the hits from the air series. This can be useful to get some more damage out of counters.