Newb question about casuals at EVO


This EVO is going to be my very first. Not registered for any games in the tournament, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to play! So I have a few questions I was hoping someone could take a moment to answer.

So I guess Fri and Sat there’ll be a BYOC area where people can play casuals. I’m coming from overseas, and if possible I’d prefer not to bring my stick. I’m not particular on the type of stick I play on, just give me a stick and I’m good. Would I be able to borrow a stick from someone easily, or should I just bring my own?

How long is the BYOC area open for? I remember an EVO Late Night stream last year, so maybe pretty late? And when people set up consoles in their room to play, I’m guessing that’s mainly for friends/invite only?


Yea most of them room setups are for invite only. But if the guys from KC want a setup in there Ill probably add 2 to the room. I would invite but I live in Vegas so I can’t really invite you to a room I dont have. But they are cool guys…


Thanks for the answer!

Anyone know if I’ll be able to borrow sticks during casual play? I have to pack tonight and would prefer not to bring it if possible.


if at all possible, bring your own stick. While you might be able to get one it really hinders your play time.