Newb question regarding getting good at SSF4 w/ Dudley


I am pretty new to the series as far as playing it on a regular basis. But I have been trying to get good with Dudley. I watched some basic videos on how to play the game in general along with character specific stuff. Anyway, I have mostly just been doing the training mode trials and I have completed all but one. What approach should I take to go about getting better, keep doing trials until I can do the moves flawlessly or do work with the practice dummy and if so what type of stuff should i be practicing. I know I need to learn the basics but I don’t know how to go about doing that. Thanks


Find other people to play with off line 2 or 3 nights a week or play with Dudley online for 5 hours a night you will get good after a few months or you will find that you don’t like Dudley. Don’t worry about combos focus on winning you will learn the combos over time. Big combos are for noobs.