Newb questions on modding 8bitdo NES30 Arcade Stick with Sanwa joystick


So I went ahead and built a prototype harness. I grabbed one of these:

and 4x of these:

I simply pushed the .187 connectors for the 2-wire harness into the rubber shrouds on the matching connectors on the Crown Conversion Harness, matching black to earth and red to live. I connected the other end of the Crown Conversion Harness into one of these:

Which was in turn connected to the Sanwa JLF stick.

The 2pin JST connectors were then plugged into the board. With the Sanwa JLF mounted in the case so the 5-pin connector is pointing away from the buttons, and using the coloured wires on the Crown Conversion Harness as a guide, mine maps as follows:

Red -> Down
Yellow -> Left
Orange -> Up
Green -> Right

This is working perfectly. Minimal hassle, zero soldering. Yes there is some excess cable, and yes now I know this works I will be creating a smaller, soldered harness, but this would be great for someone who wants to connect a Sanwa to the NES30 without doing anything complicated.

If I was going to leave this harness in place, I would probably tape up any exposed parts of the .187 connectors just to ensure I avoid any shorts, but the majority of the connectors are well within the rubber sheaths so this shouldn’t be an issue.


Very interesting wiring… Can you share some images? I ended up soldering mine finally as the butt connectors i used were a little shoty, i was having intermittent signal issues.

Soldering worked 100% and i’m really enjoying the NES30! Works great on my PC for SFV:AE and my Recalbox.


Hehe ‘interesting’ is one word for it :wink: It’s ain’t pretty…but it works. It was only a POC so I’m not too worried about the mess - it won’t be like it for long.

Here’s the NES30 with the Sanwa Buttons, Stick and the cables in place:

Here are a couple of shots of the 2.8mm crimp connected to the 4.8mm crimp on the Crown Harness, by being pushed inside the rubber sleeve on a slight angle - it’s a tight, secure fit. Make sure you push them in as far as possible - needle nose pliers will help here. If you’re going to use the harness permanently, I recommend using some insulating tape to further secure the connections and insulate the exposed parts of the 2.8mm crimps:

Here you can see how I connected the JLF 5-pin female to female cable to both the stick and the crown harness - I thought I’d include this so people can see which way up the connectors should be pushed into place. You’ll be pushing into bare pins in both cases - so the connectors can be pushed on the wrong way around, then you end up connecting a ground wire to a live and spending 10mins wondering why your stick inputs aren’t responding properly!

For guidance, when plugging the 2-pin connectors into the board, mine went as follows:

Red-> Down
Orange-> Up
Yellow-> Left
Green-> Right

I’ve not gone back and taped up the exposed parts of the crimps yet because as I said, this was just a POC, and I’ll be making a much smaller harness with a more appropriate amount of cable for the case - but this absolutely works just fine. I could tape it up and be done with it, but I’ve never done any soldering or made a custom cable before, so I’d like the challenge of doing something new, and this seems like a simple place to start.


If you clean this up and make a custom harness you’ll have created a kit that can help others. Here’s what mine looks like after the butt connectors. I was able to use all the original wiring aside from the 5pin harness connector off the Sanwa joystick:

Just a few tips:

  1. The white wires originally connected to the NES30 joystick are 24AWG.
  2. If looking down at the electronics, joystick to the left… All the top white wires for the directional controls are grounds. The bottom ones are signal for direction as labelled on the PCB.

Thanks to everyone here for sharing their findings, great community!


New guy here I just did all this with my nes30 upgrade with a Sanwa and the joystick just takes off to right direction. Could use some wisdom maybe forgot at step. Thanks


Make sure you haven’t wired a ground to a live.

Disconnect all of the cables from the board and the stick. Connect one direction at a time and check that each one works before connecting another.


That was it! Thank you very much!


I used original wiring and…lever nuts. Just tucked everything into the corner. Not fancy, but it only took about thirty minutes!


You’re welcome SW77 :slight_smile:


Anyone know if Seimitsu PS-14-GN (screw-in type) would fit in the 8bitdo N30 arcade stick? I know I could get snap-in buttons but some of the colors I want only come in the screw-in type.


I don’t think so. There’s nothing for it to screw into. You should be able to see the mountings in the pics on my previous posts. It’s essentially just a notched hole in the thin plastic case.


Screw in buttons come with nuts.


Ah yes I see that now…then it might work. If it won’t screw in tightly enough to secure to the case you could probably use a spacer of some kind.


I got an LS-40 with SS plate but I can’t figure out how it’s possible to secure it to the case. There’s no center screw holes on the case - only 4 outer ones and the SS plate screw holes can only line up with 2 at the top or 2 at the bottom since the SS plate is shorter than a normal plate. I know someone else had this issue but somehow figured out how to mount it - can anyone share a photo if you’ve done this on the NES30? I’d really appreciate it!


Thank you for this thread. Was able to get my Sanwa stick working with all the advice and photos on here.


HEy is there a way to put a silent stick (Sanwa) in the 8bitdo ? I’ve never moded anything but i’m not 100% sure it will work (i mean plug & play) ?


If you’re using a TPRG (i.e. silent microswitches) the process is the same as installing a normal JLF. If you’re installing an optical it’s mostly the same, you’ll just need to power the optical pcb as well.


Well i didn’t even know optical existed…

But it seems the 8bitdo arcade stick is compatible with seimitsu stick and not with Sanwa, that’s why i’m asking.


If you read through the thread there are multiple descriptions of how to get the Sanwa sticks installed - I’ve even provided a solderless method using off the shelf cables. It’s really very simple.


I’m trying to do a dual mod with this stick and a Brooks PS4 fighting board. Has anyone had any success with such a thing? I contacted the manufacturer and it does appear it is a common ground pcb when measuring with the multimeter. But once I wired it all together and connected it up, it gives a flashing green light as if it’s connected to a PC.