Newb questions

Hello there,


Can anyone tell me what move kuroda is whiffing in the air at 4:35 in this video right before he lands and goes for a throw? Is it just an air fireball that doesn’t come out because he’s too close to the ground?

And can anyone tell me why sometimes in match vids I see an air fireball that looks like a purple vortex? (I dunno how to describe it, it’s just what it looks like to me.) Is it just a frame rate thing?

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Yup. Can be used as a demon setup.

No idea what you mean.

Ah! Thanks for answering. For the second question, I can’t seem to find any examples on youtube :looney:.

Yeah, it’s probably a frame rate thing. Akuma’s fireball made of a bunch of sprites and I guess one of them happens to look like a vortex. You’ll notice stuff like that happens a lot on youtube. Like losing the blue shadows during Genei-Jin.

Also, Akuma is magic