Newb Questions...

Can anyone fill me in quickly on the abbreviations used in these forums?

I’ve figured out that RC is Roll Cancelling and I think I read that it is not doable in Xbox Live, am I right about this?

AA is Anti Air, CC is Custom Combo, is there anything I am missing? I tried looking for a FAQ about the forums/abbreviations but didn’t find any since a search word needs to be 4 letters :frowning:

One other question, what is the benefit of roll cancelling? What is it’s use?

I’ve never played this game in the arcade, I’ve only played on Xbox and just recently started playing on xbox live. I used to play the street fighter series a lot up till alpha 2, I never touched it once SF3 came out.

Thanks in advance~

ID like to know the abbreviations aswell…if sum1 cud be kind enuff to throw em in.

Roll cancelling allows special moves to be invincible at startup. In essence you’re cancelling the roll into a special move, but the invincibility stays tacked on for a bit.

Thanks for the reply =]

Perhaps you could list the abbrevations that you are unaware of. I think this has been talked about before but it is probably easier to just list the ones you dont know.

Thats has most of the terms listed down

One that I just came across that I cannot figure out is B&B.

Not sure what it means but it was in a thread about CC openers.

Thanks again

b&b stands for “bread and butter” combos, i.e. those that r most useful/important to know to use a character well… although they may not b the flashiest, they get the job done, and r vital to any players repetoire

yea thx

Newb Question

Question as far as basic rules are concerned. Before I just played for fun, but now I wanna get better. So what are the basic rules for CvS2 Tourny/Casual Play. Do people . . .

. . . use 3 on 3 Match or Ratio Match as the standard. We always do 3 on 3, but that can change.

. . . play the game on 3 or 4 speed. I’ve heard differing stories concering EVO. I know there are numerous threads about it, but they are inconsistent. We actuall play on 5 (:rolleyes: ), cuz its more fun, and you get used to the speed rather quickly actually. This has actually improved my Buffers. But this can and WILL be changed once I know what speed the game would be played at EVO.

. . . Use any type of Edit Grooves, or Extra Options. We DONT, but I heard from somebody that Capcom allows Edit Grooves. I SERIOUSLY doubt this is the case and would be very surpised to learn otherwise. Especially considering all the groove based discussions that go on here.

. . . Allow Shin Gouki, God (Ultimate) Rugal, Orochi (Blood) Iori and Evil Ryu. I don’t use any of these, but I’ve got a scrub homeboy who uses Orochi Iori. I tell him that that character is prolly banned but he doesn’t listen. I think he just wants the edge of extra speed cuz his Iori is really stupid.

These questions may be stupid, but I need to know. Arigato.

Newb Question

Ratio, 3 speed, no edit grooves, and no evil characters.

Ive been workin on RC. and I think I’ve been doin it correctly, but I’m not sure. During a successful RC should you see the blur effect from the roll, or is there no visable sign that the move has been RC’d save it goes through an attack?

ive been here for quite some time and im not sure i get why they put xx in a combo.
can some one help me?

I’d REALLY like to have this answer asap. Pretty simple question for experienced players IMO.

If you are playing on certain systems there will be no actual effects produced from roll cancelling (although it will still be obvious that you did in fact foll cancel)

Generally speaking:

  • Your character will make 2 sounds… like “ha-hadouken”, the first ha is the start of (or the entire) roll sound
  • Your character may or may not move a few pixels forward (depending on when you cancel the roll)

System Dependant:

  • Your character will pass through (either partially or completely) fireballs (or anything else, but fireballs are easier to practice with)

But like I said before, depending on what system you are playing on you may or may not gain the invincibility which allows you to pass through moves.

you cant roll cancel with xbox and gamecube(i think)
and you can on dreamcast and PS2

PS.: what does xx mean when some one tells you about a combo?

means immediately cancelled into

Okay, thanx. I’m on PS2 btw. So there wont be a blur, but you should hear it. Alright. Also, you said “When” you canceled the roll. I thought only the first 3 or 4 frames could be canceled. But I saw a recent vid where blanka and ryu where almost halfway rolling before canceling? I can’t get this to work. It’d be a great way to improve your pressure strings. Any tips?

(When I say “you”, I’m talking to everybody in general. Whoever wants to read. So nobody get upset, get defensive, and start complaining like little girls all of a sudden please…)

This is a thread for new players right?

Stop talking about roll canceling. Seriously. If you’re new, go to training mode with C-Sagat and just practice execution. Nothing else. How many times in a row can you do jump straight up, falling j.HK, d.MK xx tiger uppercut? How about just d.MK xx tiger uppercut? Can you consistently link low short, low short xx level 2 super every time?

The reason players like Choi, Justin, or Daigo WIN all the time isn’t because they use any super crazy, top-secret Japanese tricks or anything. It’s because they practice their BASICS…

There’s no easy way out of it. Keep depending on spoon-fed tactics and gimmicks you read in some random guy’s srk thread, and you’re going to be a forum scrub for life.