Newb Questions

Hey, I used to play the original SF2 on amiga long time ago. Friend recently asked me to download GGPO for 3rd strike and now I’ve finally bought SF4.

I’ve played about 600 fights online now using mostly Ryu, but after trying out all the characters Dhalsim felt best for me.

I don’t know if I should post these questions in Saiyko Dojo or here (move if necessary).

-Should I ever use mummy/spear as attack, or only to dodge projectiles/knock out the opponent?
-Why do some pros (e.g. Iyo) use Yoga Blast sometimes, if back+HK & back+MP are better antiair options?
-What is generally the best thing to do when I get cornered with no super/ultra? Teleporting doesn’t seem to be a good idea.
-Why is that most of the Dhalsim players do back+HP (air), back+MK, light Yoga flame combo, when back+HK (air), back+HP, light Yoga flame does more damage and is easier to do?
-What is the best strategy against Blankas that do nothing but rolling attacks, and Vegas that stay in the air and use special attacks? From those 600 fights I’ve honestly lost ~95% of the fights VS Blanka/Vega.
-What makes Dhalsim 7:3 overdog against Guile? I lose a lot against Guile players, but I can beat most of the Chun/Balrog/Viper players that I’m supposed to be underdog against. Some of these are way better players than me.

Any help would be highly appreciated. I’m playing against noobs like myself (Championship G2 / player matches)

  • Mummy and spear have very punishable recovery times so avoid using to attack
  • EX yoga blast has decent invincibility frames. Most of the time your normal AAs are the best but for certain attacks EX blast is the best option - off the top of my head Akuma demon flips and Rufus high dive kicks are two examples. It is also decent on wakeup against certain attacks but watch out if you miss you are standing there just waiting to cop a big combo.
  • Block, tech and wait. Just wait it out and once you have the chance, do a pseudo block string of,, lk/fball to push opponent back or you can slide under a jump in. If you have life to spare, you can also jump over a grounded opponent then lk drill to safety after your apex or just force a teleport and take the damage but at least you’re not in the corner.
  • Jump b.hp hits low whilst is a bit hit and miss against crouchers. has more reach than b.hp
  • Blanka ball = free s.hp on hit or block. Against Vega, you can lk slide under wall dives. works. Focus attack works. Mix it up don’t use the same thing repeatedly.
  • Guile can’t really hurt sim from afar, where most Guiles like to be. His booms are 50 damage only and don’t knockdown. Can’t throw booms as fast as yoga fires. It’s probably not as bad as 7-3 but it’s definitely in your favour. Just remember that matchup charts use a scenario that is not realistic in the real world and if the Guile beat you then he is simply a better player than you at this point in time.

Blanka fights are much easier for me now (HP punish). I find it hard to believe that most of the Guile players I fight are better than me (and Vipers/Chuns worse), maybe the tier charts don’t apply for very low level players? Thanks for the answers they help my game a lot

A lot of this is rephrasing / rehashing:

The Guile match definitely requires some matchup knowledge. You can meet their sonic booms with FP yoga flames to help build meter. You can slide under booms to get into position. You can yoga tower booms so that they stay on the screen and give you a chance to hit them while they’re vulnerable (since they can only have one on screen at a time). If you can trade a sonic boom with a s.HP then it’s advisable to do so. You have to be super patient and “lame” when playing this match (and all the rest). Dhalsim is a better turtle than Guile.

For the IAT(in air teleport) BnB b.FP is an overhead. b.FK is NOT. So they can still crouch block it. For the second hit you want to use b.MK instead of b.MP because you’ll find b.MP whiffs randomly on a lot of characters (Ryu, for example). b.MK just has more range.

Yoga tower a lot in the Blanka matchup. If he jumps at you you can b.FK or b.MP. If he slides, tries to jab ball you into throw, etc you’ll be safe. Block blanka balls and s.FP on block. b.MP cancel into FP yoga fire if he tries to cross you up. Don’t jump.

If you want to play Dhalsim you have to be able to play defense. Sit in the corner, block attacks (high/low), wait, tech throws. STAY COOL stay calm. Just relax and play defense. Nothing crazy is going to work to get you out of the corner. When they jump do a SHORT slide then backdash or teleport. I think of Dhalsim matches as less Street Fighter and more StarCraft. You have to play a different game than the other characters. Know when to hold your punches. A little chip damage isn’t going to be that bad. You can successfully block / tech forever without taking ANY damage. LK -> Yoga fire followed by like… crouching jab is a solid way to build some distance. Crouching jab is really fast.

EX Yoga blast doesn’t only have invincibility frames, it’s also super fast and has a unique angle / distance. Just like with ALL of Dhalsim’s arsenal you’ll have to learn against what situations / moves this is most effective.

Viper / Rufus / Bison / Chun / Gouken are terrible matchups. Chun probably the least of those, Gouken and Viper the worst. In order to play effectively against Viper and Gouken you must play a complete reactionary game. Don’t do anything unless you’re responding to their action.

Against Vega, you can when he begins to do a wall dive. But careful when he has ultra. You can also punish a blocked wall dive with a s.hp like you can against Blanka.
I used to have trouble with the Guile matchup also. I just learned to be a little more patient than usual and get Guile in the corner in a fireball war. Now most Guile’s are a piece of cake.