Newb seeking help xD

I’ve come from DOA4 and know some basics to fighting games but i find it hard in SF because it’s mostly about cancelling and stuff and i’m kinda unsure for some juggles and i have a slight dislicsik problem with reading the combos so i’m just wondering some of the following, it’d be great if someone could take the time to help,

For ken i’m not sure what the juggle is after his down to back hurricane kick, people follow it up with a hoduken or something but i can never time it so i think im doing something wrong because i haven’t even done it by luck.

I’m really short on grabbing in distance, i need to be right close to someone so im wondering how i’d get a good grab game going on with cancelling i’m not sure about that concept or hiding a grab in a punch and have no clue how im supposed to cancel x_x…

And last but not least, when i try to attack people when they get up from being knocked down i usually get a fire uppercut by ken and akuma players, am i timing something wrong or doing the wrong moves??

Thanks for the time!

People generally don’t use his ground hurricanes that much just because they really don’t lead into anything. Ken’s air EX hurricane on the other hand, it aweome. If you hit your opponent in the air with it, wait for them to come down a bit, then use a dragon punch. I usually go for light dp, but I’ve seen other people go for medium. If it hits your opponent on the ground, you can follow up with a medium kick.

Your feel for throw range will come with practice. That’s all I can say. I know when I switch games, differences in throw ranges throw me off all the time. (Damn SCIII and it’s throw range of nothing). The canceling grab…are you talking about a kara throw? A kara throw is when you cancel a throw off of another move. It’s used to extend a player’s throw range. If you plan to play Ken for a bit, don’t worry about it yet. Ken doesn’t not have a worth while kara throw. But the idea is, you use a move (punch or kick) that has has a lot of horizontal range in the first few frames (like the character moves forward) then you cancel that into a threw. For example, with Ryu and Akuma, you press towards and medium punch to execute their command overhead. They’ll step forward. If you quickly press the throw command (I’m not sure how many frames you have, but it’s pretty tight timing. You’ll have to kind of roll/drum mp to lp+lk) you’ll cancel the rest of the attack and go right into a throw. If you slow it down frame by frame, Ryu will step forward and start to punch downward (or wind up for a downward punch, I’m not sure) then then it’ll switch to his throw animation.

Ken and Akuma’s uppercuts are really good wake up moves. They beat a lot of attacks. I don’t know their exact properties, but I’ll let someone explain that. If you do, however, find yourself eating DPs a lot, next time walk up to them while their down like you’re going to attack as usuall, but block as soon as they get up. They’ll have to recover from the DP which means it’s combo time for you.

i agree he was saying but i do us the hurricane kick on the ground by combining it with a combo i already know (for ex medium punch>high punch>hurricane kick) the down side to it is that u cant combine it with none of the special moves

now for gabbing what u should do is dash alot then throw or the person or computer that you are facing blocks alot then u should use but u cant b afraid to get hit

and for the shoryukens i cant explain anymore that he did good luck to u

Strong, fierce hurricane? I don’t know. You’re probably better with strong, fiecrce, jab dragon punch or SAIII. Even if the dragon punch does less damage, you get knock down, which is a big plus for Ken because he has options up the wazoo after knock down. A few come to mind:

Strong, fierce again on wake up
Low short, low short xx SAIII
Away and forward (command overhead) link into SAIII if it hits them while they’re crouching
Low forward into EX fireball for pressure
Jump over them forward (crossup), land, strong, fierce
Tick into throw

newb ken here

Does, srk xx SAIII do a lot more damage then, s.hp xx SAIII? Does it depend on the punch of the srk?

How do you input srk xx SAIII? Assuming you’re facing right, according to the number pad, do you do 6323 LP 6236 LK? Is there an easier way? srk SAIII does less damage than s.hp SAIII, but only a lil less. just so u know strong srk is the best srk for canceling into SAIII

as for srk into SAIII i just do a srk then add a fireball motion right after that for SAIII. on numpad i think it would be… 623MP -> 236(any kick) or… 62 and press 2,6 as the same time, then 26

Dont pick Ken.

Hes to good

Is it possible to “accidentally” parry a low attack while doing a SRK? Or can you only parry down if you don’t press anything before your press down to parry?

Also, does it matter which punch you use to do s.MP, s.HP, qcf+P xx SAIII?