Newbie At SSF 4 AE I haz a question!


I new to SSF 4 AE, like a baby that is learning to walk.

I pick three Charcters to focus on. One being the main,


Now iam not getting serious about this game, just will be playing online but want to be good. Are they to hard to learn as a newbie? If so what are some easier Chars,to learn?


I’d say Ryu and Balrog are the two easiest to learn on, to get the basics down (I learned off of Bison and Sakura). You can learn on any character (Viper would be one hell of a challenge, though). Of the three you mentioned, I’d probably go with Sagat. Granted, that’s a bit biased since i love high-health characters and I’m bad with rushdown, so I pick Sagat by default. >_>


For people who are taking a fighting game a lil more serious for the first time I always recommend one thing. Learn how to block! And to do that I recommend picking a charge character for a while to get used to the blocking. Since to charge you need to hold back or downback (optimal since you charge both d, u moves and b, f ones) which will add some blocking reflexes in the future.Balrog, Guile and Bison would be good charge characters choices.

Learn blocking, then understand the moves of your character, how much space they can cover and how fast/slow they are.

Based on your 3 picks, Seth and Yang have easy to learn combos, but low health and requires a good sense of how to approach a match. Sagat has good health, nice damage and can zone well, his combos are a tad harder to learn though. Spend a few mins in training mode with these characters, feel them and see how their moves work, practice some 20 times some inputs and maybe a few basic combos and cancels. Take the 3 for a ride and then start deciding later, right now focus on learning the basics.


id say learn chun-li. she is a very solid character. her normals are excellent. her health is decent. she doesnt have many combos but the ones she has are easy and do some damage. her set ups into ultra two are easy. she can be played both as a zone character or aggressivly. the main thing is just learning, watching skillful players who use the chars you want to learn and practise. you won’t get good over night.


of the three you mentioned, try Sagat.


if you want to put the least amount of effort to get serious in the game play sagat most damage and health ok mixup. but inorder to get “good” statused in this game you need to buckle down go to the lab and get in to the game